„I teach entrepreneurs and executives how Deep Health can help them become the best version of themselves, without detours or wasted time, so they can experience ultimate fulfilment in all facets of their lives!“

Annual programme summary & booking options:

Directing life potential and vitality - the secret of Deep Health

For many entrepreneurs, it has never been the goal in itself and certainly wasn’t time to work on themselves.


„Are you successful and loved yet not quite balanced or happy?“ You too can take charge of your life’s happiness. The question is: How do you tackle this?


With optimal physical and mental health, you will gain insight into your blockages and get space in your head to develop a meaningful plan for the future, because you want to be able to get the most out of it in the coming years.


Big Life Deep Health

The annual programme „DEEP HEALTH“ aims to help you do just that. With this programme you:

  • Achieve an outstanding physical condition: Learn and master the five most important healthy habits, and steer through your own behaviour towards a conscious, energetic and healthy sustainable lifestyle
  • Increase your emotional stability and thus your own quality of life: Free yourself from limiting emotions, thoughts and actions and use mindset and mindfulness effectively for a productive and stress-free life


  • Create your ideal life in all its facets, so that you are maximally satisfied: Find the spark that gives your life the meaning it has lacked to be truly satisfied


The transformation starts as from the first conversation. Sabine works in a range of health areas containing conscious nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and readiness for change.


With these habits, you build the elements of Deep Health: emotional, relationships, your living and working environment, your livelihood and your mental and physical state. This is the foundation for a sustainable achievement of your goals.


Only through a balanced interaction between these elements of Deep Health you can achieve your life goals for full satisfaction and joy!

Deep Health

The annual programme „DEEP HEALTH“, the retreats and the VIP events have a structured, systematic, both scientifically based and holistic (bio-psycho-social) approach.


There are many people that do not have a personal vision and strategy for the future.


Usually, these people are very successful in business and have very good relationships. Yet they don’t have a clear picture of what really makes them happy and how to give meaning to their lives in order to get the most out of it.


They ask themselves the questions: „How do I move forward from here?“ – But above all, „How do I tackle this – without wasting time?“
This requires focus, the right mindset and commitment.

My programme will change your life forever!

„A sustainable healthy lifestyle is possible for everyone, but above all, it is the most important thing you can invest in your life. A holistic lifestyle has to be built, but it is the gateway to a more fun, beautiful and valuable life.“


Sabine is a leading Health & Lifestyle Coach who in recent years helped thousands of clients become healthy, energetic and happy with themselves. Sabine is a certified business, health and nutrition coach. In addition, she was a top athlete and has a personal trainer background. This has made her a successful entrepreneur at home and abroad for more than 20 years.

Sabine launched her own brand „Your Health Coach“ in 2010 with an exclusive studio in Munich. She now works mainly online and meets her clients in the most extraordinary places in the world for her annual programme, 1:1 coaching, VIP events and holistic retreats.

Sabine Zwaanswijk-Heijman - Your Health Coach


Sabine Zwaanswijk-Heijman

Deep Health Expert & Coach

Overall approach

  • You discover your inner strength for maximum personal health and growth


  • You unlock mental and physical potential, so that you don’t waste energy and time on slow improvements


  • You start developing a personal long-term vision for the future that makes you happy and joyful


  • You are determined to take conscious, meaningful, consistent and smart steps towards maximum fulfilment, happiness and satisfaction
„So are you successful and loved, but not in complete balance or quite happy?“


I help people to improve or to reshape their lives through focus and self-management so they can continuously grow.

Big Life Deep Health

Clients about my method and coaching


Sabine Heijman

Results from the programme

I purposefully teach you to become the best version of yourself:
  • an outstanding physical condition;
  • a strong mind and focus;
  • depth, soul, purpose, connection and meaning!
For busy professionals:
This is a programme for a selected group of ambitious entrepreneurs/professionals who really want to change and achieve something for their health, mindset and vision for their future.

I support you on your path to holistic health, personal satisfaction and maximum fulfilment.

Programme overview and components:



Registration and initial interview

You can book your package directly here.
We can then schedule your kick-off meeting at short notice.


If you have any questions about the information, please call me or feel welcome to ask your questions via as well.


I look forward to hearing from you!




By submitting this application form, followed by the written (digital) confirmation of your admission to the annual programme, an agreement is established between Your Health Coach | Sabine Heijman (provider) and the client (client) mentioned below.
This programme is a „Business Coaching Trajectory for personal development and leadership“ and is described in more detail above.
Participation takes place on the basis of the options ticked opposite and payment takes place via an invoice which the client receives by e-mail:
1. Single payment: My company invests the full amount of € xxxx excluding VAT. I pay the deposit of € xxx excl. VAT within 48 hours.
2. Payment in instalments: My company invests the amount of €xxx excl. VAT in 12 instalments of € xxx excl. VAT (within 12 months). I will pay the 1st and 12th instalment (€ xxx excl. VAT) as a deposit within 48 hours.
By sending this registration form, I also confirm that I will pay the remaining amount or instalments via a payment link with invoice punctually within 7 days of receiving the link. Immediately after the kick-off meeting, I will receive access to the coaching/training materials.
The general terms and conditions of Your Health Coach | Sabine Heijman apply to the agreement. Buyer: „I understand that early cancellation of the programme does not lead to a refund of the payment. I declare to have received and read the general terms and conditions and agree to them.“


General terms and conditions 2022


I can say 100%:  Sabine is a true professional! She understands people and coaches you towards a healthy and energetic lifestyle!

Louis van Gaal, 72. Football Coach

Sabine Heijman & Louis van Gaal

Sabine works with facts, but most importantly  she has a sympathetic and  holistic  approach to work closely with her clients and is very goal oriented.
With a  customized nutrition programme, I have now reached a healthy weight and have been able to increase my quality of life and I hope the duration!

I have reached a new level of performance without limits. On top of that, I feel healthy, physically and mentally strong like never before!

Golda Schultz, 39. Soprano

The biggest challenge for me was ME! I have tried to have confidence in the process and in myself to stick with it and believe in my ability to achieve the goals set by Sabine and me. It is a daily challenge, but I have been given tools to deal with it. Sabine has taught me to put myself first. To trust others to do their jobs and help me get better.
I learned to have faith in the process, even if I didn’t implement it “perfectly” right away. Trust that Sabine only has her best interest in mind. Your success is her success too! Pic: Vittorio Greco

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