It’s great to achieve well-being and fitness!

What makes people significant and fulfilled & what distinguishes them from the average?

You’re used to solving problems on your own and you train alone. Perhaps your dissatisfaction with life has led you into bad habits, such as a lack of activity, drinking too much, comfort eating or smoking. Coaching will help you to reach your goals more quickly. You can soon be at the peak of your fitness and have a good conscience.



Stress: one way out!

In a series of flexible appointments scheduled to fit around your routine in an efficient manner, we will show you how to make time for yourself, to ‘empower’ yourself and hence make it far easier to maintain health and happiness.



Choose right – stay cool!

We will show you how to choose the right meals, whether at home, on the road or dining out with friends, colleagues or customers. You will feel comfortable choosing the right foods for you, feel fitter and you will enjoy your food even more.



Flexibility... in time and body!

We offer very effective one-on-one training sessions arranged to fit into your schedule. And it’s not all lifting, running and sweating. Massage and gentle stretching will help you maintain a vital body and a relaxed mind.


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You too feel more comfortable steering the wheel, than sitting beside it!


I purposefully teach you to become the best version of yourself:

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Your Health Coach

Move well and often

A self-generated fat-burning machine for you to stay slim and fit in addition to being able to recover quickly
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Holistic Coaching is Action

We start by learning you to have a Beginner & Growth Mindset
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Sabine coaches “Deep Health” 

With a strategic set of progressive, practical actions to help you realize your potential

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