Investing in my health has really boosted my performance!

Investing in my health has really boosted my performance!

A good employer will not only invest in his staff but in himself. A fit employer whose life is in balance exudes confidence and success. We offer tailor-made solutions for both employers and employees. You can visit our studio or we will come to your business premises: the choice is yours.



My healthy habits

Learning, experiencing and doing are the three key components of our approach. They also provide the basis of the work-life balance simulation game which offers a safe environment in which to explore ways of achieving the best possible life-work balance. The solutions are also discussed in the context of the participants’ health.



Meals @work

Eating differently and better will not only have a positive effect on the individual – it is also likely to result in improved team performance. Healthy eating is an important focus area for anyone wishing to feel better and achieve more.



Fit & steady

There are many reasons for wishing to exercise under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Coaching ensures that participants develop good habits which can help them to manage their weight and reduce stress.

You too feel more comfortable steering the wheel, than sitting beside it!


I purposefully teach you to become the best version of yourself:

Your Health Coach blog

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Your Health Coach

Move well and often

A self-generated fat-burning machine for you to stay slim and fit in addition to being able to recover quickly
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Holistic Coaching is Action

We start by learning you to have a Beginner & Growth Mindset
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Sabine coaches “Deep Health” 

With a strategic set of progressive, practical actions to help you realize your potential

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