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Every employer benefits from having a healthy, vital workforce. Staff will take less time off work, productivity will be maximized and long-term employability will be enhanced. A good employer leads by example. He must therefore invest in himself as well as in his workforce. A fit and healthy employer exudes confidence and success. Your Health Coach organizes personalized workshops based on the work-life balance simulation game.

The workshops are suitable for individuals or small groups of up to 16 people. The simulation game features a number of fictional characters, each of whom has certain destructive habits. Based on Sabine’s proven approach, the training offers guidance which helps participants to make healthy lifestyle choices. Those choices can be put into practice straight away. The value of the sessions lies in the rapid transition from theory to practice to underpin a healthy future for yourself, your staff and your company. The workshops can be held at practically any location, including your company premises.

Some employers provide incentives for their staff to take part in sport and exercise. Ask your employer about the options and contact us for further advice.

Your Health Coach can advise on all aspects of integrated health management, including in-company fitness schemes. Many employers have opted to subsidize sports activities for their staff. Their contributions may be tax-deductible depending on jurisdiction. Organized activity, healthy options in the staff canteen, and workshops with health-related themes are relatively inexpensive measures which can form part of an effective staff vitality programme. Employees will then be more likely to commit to improving their health and to making the necessary lifestyle changes. There are advantages for all concerned. Fit, healthy and vital employees are less likely to take time off work or suffer burn-out. They will be productive for longer.


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Coaching and services

  • Health & Motivation
  • Habits
  • Nutrition
  • Relaxation & Massage

Learning, experiencing and doing are the three key components of our approach. They also provide the basis of the work-life balance simulation exercise. As part of an interactive board game, players adopt the persona of various fictional characters, all of whom have certain bad habits which lead to stress. One drinks too much, while another has poor eating habits and does not take enough exercise. The game encourages participants to reflect on their own behaviour. It offers a safe environment in which to explore the problems and identify solutions which can then be implemented in practice.


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Nutrition and services

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Eating differently and better will have a positive effect on the individual. It is also likely to result in improved team performance. People will feel better about themselves. They will pass on their experience and motivate their colleagues. They will take a greater interest in sport and exercise: ideal for the team spirit. Good nutrition can also help to resolve minor ailments such as pseudo-allergies and food intolerances. This is clearly an important focus area for anyone who wishes to improve both health and performance.


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Training and services

  • Bailine EMS
  • Personal training
  • Mini-group training

There are many reasons for wishing to exercise under the supervision of an experienced trainer, either individually or in a small group. The focus is the development of good habits which can help you to manage your weight and reduce stress. We help employers and employees to get fit and stay fit.


For further information, please contact us at: info@yourhealthcoach.de

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