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Beschermd: Phase 2: Reset / Build

Er is geen samenvatting, omdat dit een beschermd bericht is.
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Beschermd: Overview Nutrition Transformation

Er is geen samenvatting, omdat dit een beschermd bericht is.
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Transform your Life!

Beschermd: Start Document: Change-Program

Er is geen samenvatting, omdat dit een beschermd bericht is.
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change program


The YHC Program will change your life! An active program that lasts 3 months – we help you understand your...
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Your Health Coach Methode

Díe Your Health Coach – Methode by Sabi

Achieving goals through coaching, personal training and nutritional advice. Everyone wants to be successful and satisfied in life, to be...
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Schermafbeelding 2019-04-24 om 10.06.43

Manual Your Health Coach App: 24/7 Solution &

Alles wat u moet weten over het starten met uw Your Health Coach-profiel.
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Your Health Coach Personal Training

Gratis Training für Neukunden

Make an appointment now! Free trial date for new customers including anamnesis and fitness test. To the value of 150...
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your health coach personal training fuer maenner

Neu: Büroraum buchen

            NEUER SERVICE im Studio: Jetzt Büroraum buchen, einfacher und schneller denn je. Vollständig eingerichtet...
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Neujahrsempfang mit Gela Allmann 31.01.2019

Donnerstag den 31.01.2019: Es war ein toller Abend! Vielen Dank für Eure Aufmerksamkeit! Und Gela Allmann erzählte über das Thema Motivation &...
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Gela Almann

Kunden Einladung:?Neujahrsempfang

Foto: KME Studios Michael Müller Neujahrsempfang &??Inspirationstalk mit?Gela Allmann ? for Your Health Coach Customers only   Wir schätzen Euch sehr!:...
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Kickstart New Year Fitness Package

Mit personal Training zum Erfolg!

Jedes Training ist anderes! Die Anmeldung bei Your Health Coach war die beste Entscheidung für mich persönlich im abgelaufenen Jahr....
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work life balance plan spiel

Schnuppertag Work-Life-Balance-Planspiel

Hallo! ich möchte Sie ganz herzlich zu diesem Event einladen. Hier können Sie das erste Work-Life-Balance Planspiel unverbindlich kennenlernen! Das...
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Your Health Coach Outfit

Your Health Coach Outfits

You can order your YHC Garment until 30.5.18. / Delivery 11.06.18 – T-Shirts / Men 29,95: white, light blue, dark...
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Privacy Policy

May 25th 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) comes into force. The security of your data is –...
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Veggie Plate

10 daily healthy choices everyone should know

Life’s a struggle for most and a puzzle for many! Each of us has to find his own way to...
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Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-26 um 08.33.27

We are celebrating 8 years of great customers

And that is just the beginning. Extraordinary developments and new experiences emerge only through authentic and human relationships. We believe...
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Sabine Heijman Personal Trainer Coach

What’s your plan? 

Yes, it’s that time of year again when you get all the messages about planning for next year, about ‘new year’s resolutions’ and all...
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Your Superfoods Forever Beautiful

Your Superfoods Vitamix Workshop

We’ve shared the value of a plant-based diet. So buy your favorite products with a 15% discountcode: YHC15. But now it’s time to...
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New Year Offer

Choose to Be Healthy, Choose to Grow!

We really appreciate your support. Your trust, involvement and loyalty! Today we have some great new offers and programs coming in 2018...
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YHC New Year offer

New Year – New Solutions

You wanna have a New Year Kickstart with body, mind and habits? 16 Sessions Training & Support – only 22...
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X-Mas-Gift: Fitness Outfit!

Right in time before Christmas! -> Do you want to make a heartfelt, healthy, sustainable and definitely ‘fit’ gift to...
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Whole Year Tight: bailine-EMS

For new and regular customers! The electronic muscle stimulation system (activation and relaxation) works specifically on the muscles and thus...
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Transformation Tuesday Inspirations

Holiday Season has started! So the best thing is, to do your very best to stay healthy by eating light, fresh high quality...
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Study Premium – Workout Premium

Semester Opening Special: 25% *on all services (no products) in Your Health Coach Studio You want to do something good...
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4 Weeks Fitness-Bootcamp

Improve your fitness! Start with Your Health Coach – Fitness Bootcamp You are looking for a program: preparing you for...
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Personal Training Kitzbühel

Morning routines are the best! How you spend your first 20-60 minutes in the morning heavily influences how the rest...
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Boosting solutions to be healthy, vibrant and

These three solutions will boost your fitness, immune system, moreover we will help you to lose weight easily: ONE WEEK...
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After Wiesn Package

30 days fitness training with a skin tightening program It’s the perfect combination of nutritional advise, fitness, strength and ems...
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Three Fatburning Workshops

  Your Health Coach Studio offers you a workshop special, which learns you new and different techniques to get you...
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This increased my quality of life

Sabines is a real professional. She works with facts but above all she has a symphatic approach to work closely...
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We are back from summer break!

Most of you have enjoyed their holidays in August and September. Now daily routine is almost back because…, Munichs ‘Wiesn’ is already...
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Boost your Fitness: Fit Food Guide 

You want to become fitter, build muscle and burn some fat? Did you know that a healthy diet for your...
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YHC Studio Opening Hours

Book Yourself Solid!

We would like to thank you for your cooperation and for your commitment! I wish you a nice summer, lots...
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Quick HIIT with Mountain Climbers

Bodyweight exercises are strength training exercises that do not require free weights or machines as the individual’s own weight provides...
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Dip and firm your Arms

The triceps brachii muscle (Latin for “three-headed muscle of the arm”) is a large muscle on the back of the upper limb of many vertebrates. It is the muscle principally responsible...
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Impressed by stunning energy!

Mit Your Health Coach habe ich mein Selbstbewusstsein bekommen, ich weiß was mich glücklich macht und dazu habe ich eine...
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Kick your Butt with Lunges

A lunge can refer to any position of the human body where one leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot...
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My health vision became reality!

Mit Your Health Coach, Sabine und ihren Trainern habe ich ein tolles Beratungs-Team gefunden. Sie sind von früh bis spät...
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Investing in my health has really boosted my performance!

Fitness boost’s me and my business

Mit Your Health Coach habe ich meinen gesundem Lebensstil gefunden, bin innerlich motiviert und gleiche mir über Sport und genussvolles...
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Twist Twist for Waist and Abs!

The Russian twist is a type of exercise that is used to work the abdominal muscles by performing a twisting motion on the...
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I’m toned and feeling fit in body and mind!

Mit Your Health Coach habe ich mich in kurze mental gestärkt, lifestyle-mäßig weiterentwickelt und geshaped bis zum Bikinifigur! Was war...
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Change of mind change of body!

With Your Health Coach I have achieved a new Performance level without limits. On top I feel healthy,  physically and...
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My Body & Mindshaping in one!

Mit Your Health Coach habe ich überraschend schnell und sehr effizient meine Fitness und Körper-Silhouette verbessert. Ich fühle mich besser,...
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Judith - junge Mütter

My healthy happy post-baby Body

Mit Your Health Coach habe ich meinen gesundem Lebensstil beim neuen Familienleben gefunden – außerdem fühle ich mich hip, fit...
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My Health is my Wealth

”Mit Your Health Coach tue ich regelmäßig etwas gesundes für mich und meiner Lebensstil – meine verbesserte Ausstrahlung kommt gut...
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I’ve rocked my health and fitness with succes

Mit Your Health Coach kriege ich mein Kopf frei und fühle ich mich gut über mich, mein Körper und meinem...
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Healthy Habits for an Energized Body and Perf

Healthy Habits for energized Body and Performance! Mit Your Health Coach habe ich einen Weg gefunden, wie ich den ganzen...
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Healthy Happiness without any Diet

Mit Your Health Coach habe ich eine komplette Umstellung meiner Lebensgewohnheiten erreicht, die meinem Körper gut tut und somit auch...

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