Are you ready for a new version of yourself?

The goals:
  • Outstanding Health
  • Excellent Quality of Life & Focus
  • Maximum Fulfilment

For many entrepreneurs and other busy professionals, career success also entails plenty of mental stress. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a well-toned body is difficult and often comes at the expense of energy, focus and productivity.  

Sabine Zwaanswijk-Heijman - Your Health Coach

Sabine’s annual programme “DEEP HEALTH” is designed to support you in this. This helps you in a simple way to achieve an excellent physical and mental state. So you can actively and vital get everything out of your life without constant brooding. Give your life the direction and meaning you desire while enjoying it to the fullest. 

In this exclusive year-long program with 1:1 mentoring and group coaching sessions, you’ll learn to optimize your health and maximize your quality of life in a simple, stress-free way! 


  • You win back your energy and vitality with simple basics
  • You maximise your quality of life & reduce your stress
  • You adopt a mindset that brings you focus
  • You break your bad habits and create your ideal life
  • You become the best version of yourself in simple steps
  • You live in optimal health and enjoy yourself to the max
  • You become a more happy and extremely satisfied person

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Overall approach

Take control and you can enjoy yourself to the max!

The strategy
  • Internalise 5 healthy habits
  • Develop mindset & mindfulness
  • Creating vision & implementing action plan

This Programme teaches youSabine Zwaanswijk-Heijman - Your Health Coach

  • How you achieve excellence health without a gym or a diet
  • How you develop a sustainable and energetic lifestyle with simple habits 
  • How you use the right mindset and mindfulness for more focus and high productivity  
  • How you take full control of your quality of life so you can flourish and enjoy yourself to the max!


Method: Theory, Action and Reflection

Time and peace for the process
  • Structured
  • Systematic
  • Scientific

Deep Health Transformation



The goals
  • Measuring life happiness
  • Discovering Essential Habits
  • Mindset programming
  • Steering Life's story
This is an exclusive VIP Event where you will work face-to-face with Sabine and in the group.
You will identify what is really, deeply important to you, discover what is holding you back and how to positively change your own life story!
You will learn what to focus on to get in balance AND enjoy yourself to the max!



Professionals on professionals

  • Health & Lifestyle Coach
  • Holistic Nutritionist
  • Business Coach
  • Personal Trainer

In recent years Sabine has helped thousands of clients to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Sabine is a certified Health, Nutrition and Business Coach. With her holistic approach, she stands out from the crowd in the fitness and nutrition sector.

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I can say 100%: Sabine is a true professional! 

Louis van Gaal Football Coach

Sabine Heijman & Louis van Gaal

Sabine works with facts, but most importantly she has a sympathetic and holistic approach to working closely with her clients and is very goal oriented.

With a customized nutrition program, I have now reached a healthy weight and have been able to increase my quality of life and I hope the duration!

You too feel more comfortable steering the wheel, than sitting beside it!


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Sabine coaches “Deep Health” 

With a strategic set of progressive, practical actions to help you realize your potential

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