The basis of my approach:

It only works holistically

  • Consciousness Program
  • Deep Health Programme
  • Retreats
  • Group Coaching
  • Mastermind

The shift from doing into being  

Sabine’s approach is to shift from a system based on performance, constant doing and stress, to a principle based on health, wholeness, mindfulness, rest and being.  

When you are doing something (“Doing”), there is a danger that you get lost in the activity and you don’t pursue it to your best potential. This can trigger signals such as changing and uncertain behavior, restlessness, stress, anxiety and/or other negative sensations, e.g. due to old automatic compensation patterns.  

Sabine Heijman

Sabine helps you to live in your wholeness, as a unity of body, soul and spirit, ideals, values, experience of meaning, relationships to the social, natural and artificial environment as well as your own way of living. In ease, joy, relaxation and freedom.   

Sabine guides people to feel fulfilled in all areas – physical, mental, emotional and social. She doesn’t want her clients to look good and function in the world, but feel like they haven’t quite arrived from the inside out and are “relaxed” with themselves. People learn with her to self-actualize, practice self-care, and maximize their greatest potential without detours or wasted time.  

Sabine’s vision as a revolution of holistic well-being  

Far too often, health is viewed too superficially; And that’s exactly what Sabine wants to change. With her vision of a deeper understanding of health (“Deep Health”), she looks at health holistically and combines physiological approaches with advanced mental practices that bring people into a relaxed and lasting sense of happiness.  

Sabine Zwaanswijk-Heijman - Your Health Coach

There is no better time than now to help others keep themselves physically and mentally healthy. Sabine lives her own concept and she knows, “Everyone needs a perspective based on their own vision and values. That’s why people should know and understand that they need a doable plan, rethink, be more mindful of themselves and their health, and take responsibility for their own happiness starting now.”  

Sabine helps you and accompanies you to make a start or to increase from the good state to the maximum and to feel empowered by your progress (transformation) from the very first moment in coaching. She supports you to live in the now and make conscious and meaningful changes in every area of your life – permanently and reliably. In doing so, she builds on a close symbiosis between mindfulness, conscious nutrition, movement & stretching, sleep & stress management, and readiness for change and pro-activity.   

Her programs, retreats and workshops have a structured, systematic, scientifically sound as well as holistic (bio-psycho-social) approach.  

Sabine coaches “Deep Health” and simply put that means:   

  • A deeper conversation with you about your health behavior as well as your daily actions towards it, your perception and approach. Since all elements of Deep Health are interrelated, you will quickly see how their totality and your consistent implementation of them will positively impact every area of your life;  
  • Looking at you as a complex individual;    
  • That I do my best to help you achieve Deep Health in methodical steps so that the door to your inner power opens;  
  • And how to effortlessly find your balance (sweet spot) and achieve deep satisfaction and fulfillment.  

Deep Health

I inspire and coach my clients….  

  • To discover (empowering) their unlimited inner power for personal maximum growth 
  • To become aware of unfocused actions or negative beliefs, emotions, habits and thoughts, as a natural impulse for inner transformation and change   
  • To open up and let go in order to realize their full potential and live their values fully  
  • To take responsibility and resolve for their health and encourage them to take conscious, meaningful, consistent and reliable steps of self-care, away from destructive coping mechanisms or minimal effect approaches  
  • To develop a long-term personal vision for the future, independent of wealth and relationships  
  • To develop skills for sustainable, profound health and joy  
  • To redesign their lives through focused self-management and continually grow and flourish in every area of life  

You will experience maximum support and the best care from Sabine; regardless of whether you:  

  •  Are already familiar with the above, but need a success plan to move forward;  
  •  Want to separate from eternal unprocessed issues, violated basic trust, old patterns, small/big physical, mental or emotional hurdles or blockages now for good;  
  • Not having a stable sense of happiness or energy, being exhausted (due to stress / lack of sleep, among other things), feeling extraneous and/or having little time for yourself;  
  • Are not relaxed, time is running away from you and you (still) can’t be happy with yourself.  

You are welcome, no matter if you need coaching to start your process or you need new approaches and ideas with a plan that you can implement immediately. Together we will reach the maximum level of your quality of life, inner peace and security. 

Holistic Coaching

Get your Vision, Mindset and Action Plan right!

  • Beginner Mindset
  • Growth Mindset
  • Learn Mindset
Intensive personal support that fits your everyday life. Together with me you take the steps on the way to a quick and lasting result. Based on realistic goals, I give you solution-oriented and practical tips and coach you in your change to healthy habits that immediately do you good!
Choosing a healthy lifestyle while living a hectic life is difficult, especially if the healthy lifestyle is not yet a habit. I support you with my coaching. With concrete tips and a range of alternatives, I support you to integrate a healthy lifestyle into your life and/or to achieve a specific goal. It is up to you to see change as an opportunity and not as a problem! In this challenge, my coaching helps you to optimise your lifestyle, achieve results and develop yourself further. ‘Conscious healthy happy’ offers perspectives to everyone!

Nutrition as Solution

A healthy inside gives a radiant outside!v

  • Dietary change
  • Dietary Mastery
Not a diet, but sustainable different and better eating. I, as a nutrition coach, will help you choose the right ingredients for varied meals, a healthy weight and a great figure – in the long run! You will face your everyday challenges with energy, feel and look younger and be happier with yourself!
You are what you eat! I give recommendations and concrete examples to teach you to eat differently and better. Why you want to do this is up to you. Maybe you want to lose weight, build muscle mass or get rid of certain skin problems, pseudo-allergies and a weak immune system. Nutritious food, balanced in optimal quantity, variety and combination, can be the solution. We look for the optimal composition of nutrients and building materials (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.) for your body. The nutrition must, as the name suggests, nourish you, but also taste good to you. I also make sure that you can enjoy your food. You will also get practical tips for shopping, cooking and making the right choices when you eat away from home.
On the Your Health Coach portal, we work with a 12-week diet plan. You can track your diet online and this gives you the chance to develop healthy eating habits. I look over your shoulder and support you optimally.


Workout now for how fit you want to be with 80!

  • Personal Training
  • Group Training
  • Deep Stretch Sessions
  • Breathing Sessions
My training partner Bi PHiT has several studios in Munich. There, the trainers help you offline or online to become fitter, more vital and healthier. Get to know your body and get ready for a clear head, increased performance and more mobility.
Have you ever heard of mitochondria? These powerhouses in your cells can produce energy from carbohydrates and fats by burning them to meet your daily energy needs. Through exercise, these little power plants multiply and you can expect a fit and energetic body and a healthy feeling. This will not only help you in your training, but also in your daily life. With targeted muscle, endurance and flexibility training you increase the total amount of muscle mass in your body. This self-generated fat-burning machine runs without a break and ensures, among other things, that you stay slim and fit in addition to being able to recover quickly.
Deep Stretch
Sabine also offers a new online concept: Science of Stretching®.
The Deep Stretch training is meant as an addition to your normal training and is not a substitute for it. You learn to combine training and stretching in a sensible way and should incorporate this into your training routine.
Do you have a tight and immobile hip? A shortened lower thigh due to a lot of sitting? A stiff (lower) back? If so, Science of Stretching® can help. But also for tense/stiff shoulders, wrists and ankles…. it is the best thing to do so that your life with active kids / your fitness training is not limited by it!
Amazing facts about breathing: you can go weeks without food and days without water, but only a few minutes without breathing. Breathing has such an immediate effect on our mind and body that even the act of inhaling and exhaling affects our nervous system differently. It is common to train diet, exercise and even hydration, but almost no one trains their breath. This is a huge missed opportunity for health seekers.
With breathing exercises, you automatically put yourself in a meditative state. Think of breathing as an active form of meditation with the same benefits. So the more I teach breathing, the happier my clients are with the results.
In the Your Health Coach portal, we create a customised exercise plan for you in the YHC APP. The exercises are demonstrated to you online and where you do them is entirely up to you. The YHC app also offers you a wide range of (3D and video) workouts that you can perform flexibly and anywhere, while you get an overview of your progress.

Do you want to be fit, healthy and happy with your body?

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