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Your Health Coach is the acknowledged expert when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Sabine Heijman is the driving force behind our holistic programme. Under the motto, ‘Consciously Healthy and Happy’, she offers her clients personal training, advice on a range of health-related matters such as food and nutrition, retreats, workshops and coaching. She helps people to adopt and maintain the healthiest possible lifestyle. The change can be astonishing.

Hello! I’m Sabine: Your Health Coach

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Sabine advises and coaches individuals and companies. She can often be found at the Your Health Coach Studio in Munich, where she provides coaching to an international clientele (and does so in three languages). She also visits clients. ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ is her mission. “My objective is to help people lead a healthier, more aware life. I work with them according to a clear, realistic and ultimately effective plan. Everything is at the client’s own pace. I believe that anyone seeking a new balance will find me to be an experienced, enthusiastic and empathetic coach.”

“We always begin with a review of the client’s history and aims. Together, we formulate clear objectives and a plan which will fit into the client’s daily routine. This is a personalized and holistic approach. My team and I provide concrete and realistic advice which motivates and inspires people to improve their health and fitness. Many of my clients do not have a weight problem as such, but they do suffer from stress or lack a sense of general well-being. Our coaching focuses on solutions. It helps clients to achieve balance whereupon the problems they experience tend to melt away. The overall aim is to increase the quality of life and to do so on a permanent basis. Having a fit body, happy mind and good habits will serve you well in all aspects of your life.”

Sabine Heijman

Sabine Heijman

  • Dutch
  • Health coach
  • Habits coach
  • Nutrition coach
  • Business coach
  • Personal Trainer

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