In 3 steps to Deep Health and thus maximum fulfilment and joy in your life

When: Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 October 2022

Where: Boutique Hotel Flora Batava, Loenen aan de Vecht

Learn and implement the 3 steps you need to experience Deep Health. Deep Health not only brings about the optimisation of your physical health and the dissolution of your mental blocks, but also inevitably leads to maximum fulfilment and joy in your life!



You are not alone in this!

Most people, especially busy people like entrepreneurs and executives, compensate for their perceived stress with bad habits. A successful or wealthy life is nice, but these individuals usually do not enjoy the best possible health and don’t have the right attitude because they don‘t take enough time and attention to themselves and their lifestyle.

They don‘t live and grow, they function, sometimes even with apathetic behavior. Thus, they fail to find the right balance by consistently integrating healthy eating, exercise, relaxation, sleep and mindfulness among other things, into their lives. They are also under a lot of external pressure because they feel they have to manage, supervise and control everything.


But this doesn't have to be the case!

There are actually people who are in the same position and are healthy, happy, fulfilled and very successful. They manage and direct their lives simply and without complexity.

As a result, their quality of life and vitality increases, they give direction to their lives and enjoy them to the fullest! In short, they live Deep Health.

What is the secret of these people?

The great characteristic of these people is that they are in control of their physical and mental health. They have a vision of where they want to go. They know exactly what to focus on and how to stay in action to be the best version of themselves. They also embrace a type of self-care that is much more profound and effective than, say, some yoga or meditation.

What does it take to achieve this?

Knowing the key healthy habits and implementing the effective skills to internalize those habits in a sustainable way.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in my „Living Deep Health“ retreat.

Your benefits of attending the retreat:

  • You’ll learn about the 3 best ways to experience Deep Health for maximum fulfilment and joy
  • You’ll learn how to develop an excellent and energetic lifestyle with simple habits
  • You learn how to acquire the right mental attitude and live in mindfulness in order to better set your focus and achieve maximum productivity
  • You’ll learn how to take full control of your life so you can flourish to the maximum and enjoy your life deeply and with purpose!

Sabine Heijman is one of the most successful health coaches in The Netherlands and Germany

Sabine is your Deep Health Expert & Coach at this retreat and specializes in health transformations of high achieving people.

Sabine Zwaanswijk-Heijman - Your Health Coach

For more than 20 years, she has helped her clients build and lead an outstanding and energetic lifestyle with simple, healthy habits. So you can be active, vital and get everything out of your life without brooding.

Her motto is: „A sustainable, healthy lifestyle is possible for everyone. Because with the right focus and attitude, you create the opportunity to give your life the direction and meaning you want! While at the same time experiencing maximum joy to the fullest“.


Are you interested in attending my retreat?

  • Until Monday October 3rd we have a special offer for you.
  • Your price for the VIP retreat is only € 1447,00 plus VAT (discount of € 550.00!).
  • After Monday this special offer is no longer valid and you will pay € 1997,00 plus VAT.
  • Please note: I have only 9 VIP places to give away, so the number of places is limited.
So best reply today to mail@sabineheijman.com if you are interested in participating!


I will then get in touch with you as soon as possible so that we can talk together to find out if the VIP Retreat can help you. If it should be something for you, we can book it for you immediately! Don’t worry: Our conversation is of course completely non-binding.

I am looking forward to meet you!


Boutique Hotel Flora Batava

Included in the price:

Saturday, 10/15/2022:

  • Retreat day with Sabine
  • Lunch
  • 4-course menu

Sunday, 10/16/2022:

  • Deep Stretch & Breathing Session
  • Group reflection coaching
  • Lunch
  • 1:1 conversation with Sabine
  • Outdoor activity (when nice wetter)

We are in the beautiful tea house during the day with unlimited coffee, tea, water and snacks.

Address: Rijksstraatweg 6, 3631 AC Nieuwersluis near Schiphol Airport

If you want to stay at the Hotel Flora Batavia, you can of course do so!  Book a room of your choice with breakfast here

The place to be is Boutique Hotel Flora Batava on the banks of the Vecht in Nieuwersluis, a small village between Breukelen and Loenen aan de Vecht. Flora Batava is a boutique hotel located on the historic country estate De Vijverhof in Nieuwersluis.

The country estate consists of three buildings. These house 45 rooms and suites, the Bloei restaurant and two meeting rooms.

The buildings are surrounded by a large garden with a terrace and a tea house. The flower-filled and historic garden has been restored to its former glory by garden architect Patricia Debie.


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