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Happy about my firm post-baby body and skin!

As a recent mother it is difficult to make time for yourself. We will help you to get back ‘in shape’ and stay that way. And there’s no need to worry about finding a babysitter: bring the little one with you to the studio. Expectant mothers will also benefit from a well-planned wellness regime.



The starting point is you!

When you feel fit and are comfortable with yourself, it becomes much easier to make the right choices, work towards your goals and enjoy all aspects of family life.



What stays off... is great!

We offer effective advice and tell you about the snacks and recipes which will fit into your hectic life and help you achieve your fitness goals. You will soon feel better, look better and know that you are back 'on track'.



Back in shape? Yes you can!

Our specialists help you to stay fit, relaxed and full of energy both before and after your baby is born. You can then focus on your partner and family life.


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You too feel more comfortable steering the wheel, than sitting beside it!


I purposefully teach you to become the best version of yourself:

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Your Health Coach

Move well and often

A self-generated fat-burning machine for you to stay slim and fit in addition to being able to recover quickly
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Holistic Coaching is Action

We start by learning you to have a Beginner & Growth Mindset
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Sabine coaches “Deep Health” 

With a strategic set of progressive, practical actions to help you realize your potential

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