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We know that young mothers can find it difficult to stay in shape. There are so many competing demands on your time: partner, friends, housework, not forgetting the baby, of course. Being a mother is very special. Perhaps you are keen to lose a few pounds, eat more healthily and exercise more, but can’t quite bring yourself to make the effort. You may be too tired (or lazy), stressed or lacking in self-confidence. Perhaps you have started ‘comfort eating’. To get back to feeling your old self may take a little more than healthy eating and occasional exercise.

We help young mothers and expectant mothers to stay in shape

You want to feel energetic and attractive just as you used to. You want to fit into that favourite dress again. Well, you can and we will show you how. We will be with you every step of the way. The focus is firmly on you and helping you to make the right choices. We offer inspiration and practical advice about what to eat (and what to avoid). We will also devise an effective exercise plan which targets any ‘problem areas’ you may have. We help young mothers and expectant mothers to stay in shape.


The starting point is you!

Coaching and services
  • Health & Motivation
  • Habits
  • Nutrition
  • Relaxation & Massage

Needless to say, you don’t have to do it all alone. We will go the extra mile for you, but we do expect a clear goal and considerable commitment from our clients. You must accept responsibility for the success of our time together. That is the only way in which to achieve change. You will learn about yourself and how you can eat more healthily, even as a busy young mother. Small changes can achieve big results and you may well start losing weight almost immediately. If not, we will step up our efforts together.

Our personalized coaching will lay the foundations for a long-term wellness programme. When you feel fit and are comfortable with who you are, it becomes much easier to make the right choices without help from anyone else, to work towards your goals, and to enjoy life with your family.


What stays off... is great!

Nutrition and services
  • Nutrition plan
  • Recipes
  • Products

Do you have a problem with ‘comfort eating’ as a way of dealing with your emotions? Do you need advice on how to plan a healthy menu or do you have any other diet-related questions? Perhaps you’re not sure what is ‘safe’ to eat every day and what should be avoided or saved for a special treat. We offer effective, personalized tips and advice. We can also suggest recipes for convenient and healthy meals. Any extra time in the kitchen will be time well spent. You will soon feel much fitter and more attractive. You will know that you are well and truly ‘back on track’.



Back in shape? Yes you can!

Training and services
  • Bailine-EMS
  • Personal training
  • Mini-group training sessions

There are no shortcuts to effective training. It is hard work, especially in the early stages. But once you start to notice the improvements in all aspects of your health and wellbeing, you will be ‘in the flow’ and won’t want to stop. You will be more active. You will celebrate what you can do and will no longer be irritated by the things that you can’t. You will have more energy and a much better mood. That’s nice for you and everyone around you. Our team includes personal trainers who specialize in working with expectant and young mothers. They can guide you through a personalized exercise programme which may tackle certain problem areas or include a full-body workout. You will feel more relaxed and more vital. You will enjoy peak fitness and can focus on yourself, your sexuality and all aspects of family life.

Do you want to be fit, healthy and happy with your body?

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