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Sabine Zwaanswijk-Heijman - Your Health Coach

Have you always wanted to be in great shape and successful in your desired pursuits, but struggle to combine the two? It can be challenging to persevere and time-consuming.

You are definitely not the only one! Most busy entrepreneurs and high performers, do not always prioritize other essential aspects of their health, such as the mental and emotional aspects. They rob their bodies of energy and their minds of joy, leading to exhaustion, distrust, or unfulfillment. As a result, their health and well-being can deteriorate even further, which stops them from realizing their full potential.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t have to waste precious years feeling lost, overwhelmed, or conflicted about what you want and need. There are many successful people that are physically and mentally strong, who live with ease and have found meaning in life. They have great relationships and make an impactful contribution to the world.

What ist their secret? They prioritize and shape their own health to stay balanced and feel the positive effects on their body, mind and soul.

Which 3 keys do you need to achieve this?

1. How to achieve a top physical and mental vitality and well-being in all areas of life

2. How to create trustworthy and authentic environments to reach your health and life goals with confidence

3. How to change and grow sustainabily to perform at your best and remain stable on course

And that is exactly what you will learn in my “FIT BODY & ENERGETIC MIND PROGRAMM”, which includes get-it-done guides, videos, retreats, and coaching, I will reveal all my secrets behind achieving a top physical shape, mental well-being and living a fulfilling life.

In this programm you will learn:

✅ How to eat more and smarter, and still lose 3-6 kilograms of body fat.

✅ How to de-stress with 5-minute actions, so you have energy all day.

✅ How to sleep deeper and longer, so you can build lean muscle mass.

✅ How to quickly and easily work to tighten and tone your tummy, arms, and legs/buttom.

✅ How to stay in shape during and after your summer holidays, and not have to start all over again.


What can you expect from me? My name is Sabine Heijman, and I am your Deep Health & Behavioral Coach during your transformation. I specialize in holistic health transformations. I was a top swimming athlete in Europe for many years, and for more than 20 years, I have helped countless executives, entrepreneurs, TV personalities, royals, and other VIPs achieve vitality and well-being in all areas of life. With my “Deep Health” program, you can expect to work sustainably, with pleasure and self-efficacy on all aspects of your health, without time-consuming or unrealistic tasks.

Are you looking to become top fit and energetic and achieve well-being and success in all areas of your life?

Start your transformation today with me – and I’m going to help you!

Customer experiences

I can say 100%: Sabine is a true professional! She understands people and coaches them to a healthy and energetic lifestyle

Louis van Gaal, 72nd football coach

She works with facts, but above all with a sensitive and holistic approach in close cooperation with her clients. Furthermore, she is not only goal-oriented, but above all process-oriented, so that your transformation to a healthy, productive and fulfilled life gets the time it deserves. With her programme, I have now reached a healthy weight and have been able to increase my quality of life – and I hope the duration too!

I have reached a new level of performance without limits. On top of that, I feel healthy, physically and mentally strong like never before!

Golda Schultz, 39. Opera Singer

The biggest challenge for me was ME! I have tried to have confidence in the process and in myself to stick with it and believe in my ability to achieve the goals set by Sabine and me. It is a daily challenge, but I have been given tools to deal with it. Sabine has taught me to put myself first. To trust others to do their jobs and help me get better.

I learned to have faith in the process, even if I didn’t implement it “perfectly” right away. Trust that Sabine only has her best interest in mind. Your success is her success too! Picture: Vittorio Greco

I have been looking for something suitable for me for so long and now, thanks to you, I have finally been able to achieve my balance

Pascale, 56.

Since I have been stable for many years and still benefit from everything I learned from Sabine, I am confident that this is not a temporary success, as a radical diet or short programme would be. Sabine’s attentive nature, the positive and professional coaching, that is a unique combo that makes me feel optimally supported on my way.

Thanks to Sabine, I am internally motivated and have found the right balance between exercise and good food!

Roland Mermi, 54. CEO PE TEC

Roland Mermi


You have to be open AND know the basics of mindfulness, otherwise there is no point – the will to change something also helps of course, then it works 100%. Sabine is authentic, she is her concept. With her methodical but also pragmatic tips, I have been able to improve my lifestyle tremendously and sustainably!

More customers experiences

Sabine Zwaanswijk-Heijman - Your Health Coach
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