I said to a very successful woman last week. 

Because if I didn’t say that, we would keep lingering in a conversation about why everything is difficult and impossible.

The most important thing, in my opinion, that a coach can do is to help and encourage the client to think big, and not to give in to their thoughts and excuses. 

It’s simply NOT true that if you experience high pressure in all areas, you can’t also look good, feel mentally and physically strong, and be very satisfied with yourself.

In the past 15 years, I’ve helped many hundreds of entrepreneurs, both men and women, and I know the arguments they use to continue compensating with very poor self-care, too much of everything, and too little of what they truly want… 

This often stems from fear and a lack of knowledge and courage to step outside their comfort zone. They remain neatly in the conversation, often not saying what it’s really about.

As a coach, it’s important to pierce through this and help people who have actually given up hope. You’re interested in their greatest pain and deepest desires and believe in them, even when they don’t. 

You mirror them and guide them to feel and act from a deeper level. That’s how behavioral change works.

Instead of succumbing to people’s fears, you help them choose not only a lifestyle that gets them back into action to fulfill their life mission, but also one that keeps them sustainably healthy, fit, and strong. 

This is, in my opinion, the basis for making financial, relational, and spiritual goals possible.

You teach them how to overcome their toxic thoughts and habits in small steps. This works very well for my clients. 

Take my client Peter, for example, 52 years old from Munich. He doesn’t need me anymore now, but before his transformation, he never thought he would dare to put himself first. 

But now he’s attractive, in good shape, and has his energy and drive back. 

And this is what can happen when the coach believes in you, helps you maximize your potential, and live sincerely, with integrity and congruence.

He now easily and joyfully gets the best out of his life and is a beautiful example for others. 

What do you actually do in your daily life to be healthy and authentic and stay out of a drama triangle (Victim, Rescuer, and Persecutor)?

Let me know here.

Jouw gezondheid bepaalt je uiterlijk, hoe je je voelt en presteert, en uiteindelijk hoe jij jouw leven leidt.

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