Are you Living your Sweet-Spot? 

Or have you lost it and are you constantly striving to find it again?   

Sabine Heijman

In the phase of becoming an adult, life invites us to replace distractions with deeper conversations with yourself. Some people miss this invitation and get stuck – because they are distracted. Others accept it but don’t know how to respond. This can be the starting point. 

From the moment you open up and begin to explore what it would mean to have deeper conversations with yourself, you’ve already done the “hard part” and you’ll already feel better immediately. This is called “mindfulness” and it is the most important ingredient you need to be in your sweet spot.   

There are many people who can’t find the sweet spot, because:   

  1. They haven’t created the basic conditions (emotional maturity, financial stability, defining and living out their own values, practicing wisdom, and being mindful that time is running out)   
  1. They have withdrawn from life and lost their mojo (lack of self-actualization, no self-acceptance, no sense of purpose for the future)   

Do you want to explore more to be more aware and thrive in all areas of life? 

Watch my Information Video – it will give you a few ideas how to start! 

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Let me know how this feels for you!

Sabine 💜 

Jouw gezondheid bepaalt je uiterlijk, hoe je je voelt en presteert, en uiteindelijk hoe jij jouw leven leidt.

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