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Are you living your sweet spot or have you lost it and are you constantly striving to find it again?  

In the growing-up phase, life invites us to replace distractions with deeper conversations with yourself. Some people miss this invitation and get stuck – because they are distracted. Others accept it but don’t know how to respond. This can be the starting point.   

From the moment you open up and begin to explore what it would mean to have deeper conversations with yourself, you’ve already done the “hard part” and you’ll already feel better immediately. This is called “mindfulness” and it is the most important ingredient you need to be in your sweet spot.  

There are many people who can’t find the sweet spot if:  

  • They haven’t created the basic conditions (emotional maturity, financial stability, defining and living out their own values, practicing wisdom, and being mindful that time is running out)  
  • They have withdrawn from life and lost their mojo (lack of self-actualization, no self-acceptance, no sense of purpose for the future)  

Sabine’s unique skills and qualities  

Sabine is the driving force behind her holistic method and a recognized coach and expert when it comes to living in balance and holistic health.  

In this process of change, she helps her clients make conscious and meaningful changes in the areas of their lives that matter most to them.  

Anyone who wants to make the decision to find their way back to source has found an experienced, empathetic and enthusiastic companion in Sabine.  

Sabine fundamentally looks at all possibilities, works with honesty and integrity, is “in it” with you, and invites reflective thinking as well as questioning to find the best path for you by giving structure to your chaos.  

Sabine Heijman

Sabine’s Expertise  

As a certified business and master health coach in behavioral change psychology, certified nutritionist and personal trainer, she coaches people through practical exercises by simplifying complex knowledge about mental and physical health into actionable steps:  

  • To deliver results that go beyond the surface and guide and empower you to make important – possibly even life-saving – changes to your health and well-being.  
  • To deliver world-class results that address all types of healthy lifestyle challenges and needs – confidently and competently.  

Sabine understands how people think, feel and behave. She knows how to consciously stay on track and inspired, even when things get “busy”. She guides you to be fully present and appreciate the experiences you will have in the process. She focuses on behavioral goals rather than outcomes, on how you want to approach life rather than avoiding “obstacles,” and on mastering skills rather than performance goals. 

Sabine’s experience  

Sabine builds on her international education and management positions, care for the individual client (>2000) and her own life experiences as an idealistic and ambitious person, top athlete and business owner. This in combination with her structured, systematic and scientifically based approach offers her clients a program that is unique, client focused and sustainable.  

In the spring of 2022, she decided to focus on clients who feel deep inside that something is missing. People who may have unresolved body issues or who have done or tried a lot themselves but have not yet achieved what they envision. These people are open and need the best support in the process of finding the sweet spot of wholeness.   

Sabine will coach and lead this innovative program and process of being, and for her clients the experience from day one is both amazing and valuable.  

Mission statement

  • Holistic coaching
  • Transformation Programs
  • Retreats
  • Group Coaching
  • Mastermind

“A sustainable healthy lifestyle is possible for everyone. I strongly believe that a sustainable healthy lifestyle is the gateway to a more beautiful, easier and valuable life. I want to inspire people to reclaim their life potential and vitality.”   

She loves helping others become more aware of themselves and the world around them. When she watches her clients grow in this way, she sees them liberated and healed on a very deep level. She feels tremendous joy in her life as she chooses to accompany and observe these processes day by day.  

She needs to “be alone” to reflect and focus, but loves to laugh, cook, dance and travel especially with her husband.   

Sabine’s values  

  • Mindfulness. To be mindful means to perceive the present moment in a non-judgmental and conscious way  
  • Authenticity. To behave according to one’s “true self”; this includes expressing and acting on one’s own thoughts, emotions, needs, values, preferences and beliefs. 
  • Self-responsibility. Refers to the willingness and duty to take responsibility for one’s own actions.  
  • Autonomy. Means qualities such as independence, autonomy, and self-determination.   
  • Courage. Is a commitment above the norm to overcome, courage to face life and optimism of difficulties and dangers, which is expressed in pro-active behavior. 

Sabine Heijman

Do you want to be fit, healthy and happy with your body?

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