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Sabine is one of Europe’s most successful health coaches. With her neuroscientific and holistic approach, she has been standing out in the fitness and nutrition industry for quite some time.

Over the past years, Sabine has assisted literally thousands of clients with new ideas and knowledge on achieving a slim, fit, and strong body sustainably.

In her practice, she has observed that one of the main issues for successful high performers is getting stuck under high pressure and resorting to compensatory behaviors.

Around the age of 45, their vitality is at risk of declining rapidly, leading to dissatisfaction with themselves, which, in turn, impacts their joy of life and productivity.

Sabine Zwaanswijk-Heijman - Your Health CoachHer comprehensive approach during a DEEP HEALTH transformation is focused on achieving excellent vitality in an effective and efficient way. This enables individuals to create a life full of resilience, energy, and satisfaction.

Sabine is a sought-after business and health coach, catering to an international audience in three languages (Dutch, German, and English). Articles about her have appeared in publications such as Madame, Cosmopolitan, B-Young, Munich City, Feine Adressen, Stadtärzte, German newspapers, and Business Coaching für Frauen.

Sabine studied Communication Management in Utrecht. She is multidisciplinarily certified and also a neuroscientific (online) business and health coach.

She builds on her international management roles, top sports career, and international entrepreneurship. Since 2010, she has been the founder of Your Health Coach | Sabine Heijman (Healthclub until 2020 in Munich) – a total concept for personal transformations with online/offline coaching and retreats.

Having lived in Munich for 12 years, she currently resides in The Hague with her husband.

Speaker on Deep Health

  • Mindfulness
  • Authenticity
  • Self-responsibility
  • Autonomy
  • Courage
Sabine Heijman (49) helps busy 45+ high performers achieve their health and fitness goals without strict diets or unrealistic workouts but through Deep Health, a program that addresses health on all levels.

Sabine provides in-company sessions on topics such as vital leadership and guiding, coaching, and facilitating holistic behavior change in busy professionals and/or your clients.

The aim is to learn and deploy faster and more effective ways to achieve and maintain health and fitness goals, resulting in sustainable and optimal vitality, well-being, and productivity.

These sessions take place for diverse target groups at various locations, ranging from international boardrooms and high-end gyms to cafeterias of A-brands.

Sabine conducts Deep Health seminars, a method that addresses all aspects of health (physical, mental, emotional). You can use this to educate and motivate your team, colleagues, or associates.

The goal is to gain access to state-of-the-art insights, genuine interaction, quick, smart physical, mental, and awareness exercises, and ultimately a valuable learning experience where participants start to see opportunities for sustainable improvement.

Thanks to her vibrant demeanor, Sabine brings an infectious mix of education and inspiration.

Available on-site or online, with an unlimited number of participants for 1 or 2 sessions.

and the employees. Moreover, you aim to achieve a complete behavior change regarding productivity within your organization.

The goal is to find someone with solid knowledge and practical experience who challenges and helps you make a creative translation from theory to practice.

She helps you quickly get to the heart of the matter and take a step forward in policy and implementation together.

This session is available for a maximum of 15 participants for 1 or 2 sessions

  • Based on humanistic psychology, hypnosystemic, and (neuro)science, tailored, practical, and personal.
  • Both on-site and online, and available in German, English, or Dutch.
  • Sabine has extensive international experience in top management (Amsterdam, The Hague, Munich, Luxembourg, Kitzbühel).


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