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Sabine Heijman is Deep Health Expert and one of Holland and Germany’s most successful holistic health & lifestyle coaches  

Over the past few years, Sabine has helped thousands of her clients lead a very healthy lifestyle. Her holistic approach has always made her stand out from the crowd in fitness and nutrition. Over the past 20 years, Sabine has noticed that people keep running into the same problem. A successful and prosperous life is nice, but it often comes at the expense of people’s quality of life and satisfaction – they’re just not happy! They may be doing something for themselves, but they are not sustainably fit and tired, stressed as well as dissatisfied with themselves. They do not live, they only function!   

Sabine Heijman | Your Health CoachSabine’s approach is to use simple, healthy habits to build an excellent, energetic lifestyle and make it your own.  

So that you can get the most out of your life actively, vitally and without thinking too hard.  

With the right focus and mindset, you create the possibility to give your life the direction and meaning you want! While at the same time enjoying it to the maximum.  

Sabine builds on her international management positions, her international entrepreneurship, her education, her career in top sports and her multiple qualifications. 

She is the founder and owner of Your Health Coach by Sabine Heijman – a total concept for holistic transformations.  

This knowledge and experience, combined with her structured, systematic and evidence-based approach, provides her clients with programmes that are unique, customer-oriented and sustainable.  

Sabine's values

  • Mindfulness
  • Authenticity
  • Self-responsibility
  • Autonomy
  • Courage

“A sustainable healthy lifestyle is possible for everyone. I believe that an energetic, healthy lifestyle is the gateway to a more beautiful, easier and more valuable life. I help people maximise their life potential and vitality in simple steps!”  

Sabine lives with her husband alternately in The Hague (close to the beach) or in Austria in a cottage at the foot of the mountain to relax and be active. Skiing in winter and hiking in summer! Enjoy more is her motto!  

Sabine likes to be “alone” from time to time to concentrate and relax, but she also likes to laugh, cook, dance and travel, especially with her husband Ewout.  


In the following video, I tell you about the 4 things that happy and content people do differently. I also tell you about their 7 special habits and reveal some surprising ways of thinking of these people!  

Click on this image to watch! (German language video with English subtitles) 

Your Health Coach

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Your Health Coach | Sabine Heijman

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