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Sabine Heijman

Your Health Coach | Sabine Heijman
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  • Let’s then explore in a personal conversation how you can achieve that;
  • Gain clarity in one conversation about what is hindering you from achieving a fit and strong body and what challenges you are facing;
  • Discover the opportunities Sabine sees for you to get in top shape, so you can extract the best from yourself and your life with doubled energy and maximum quality of life;
  • In one session, Sabine will help you overcome your biggest obstacle, so you can see opportunities for long-term progress with new energy and insight;
  • Together with Sabine, create a personalized and concrete plan to achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals, allowing you to be a great example for others from a place of fulfillment, peace, and sustainable vitality.

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Your Health Coach | Sabine Heijman

The quality of your health and wellbeing determines how you look, feel and perform.


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