Good health is the most valuable thing you can possess. Feeling fit and alert, looking good: we call that ‘Conscious, healthy happiness’. Your Health Coach helps you to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Together, we will tackle the various lifestyle challenges and bring about a transformation that will help you stay Healthy and Happy for the rest of your life.
– Sabine Heijman –



Get your mindset right!

Intensive guidance whenever and wherever you need it, online and off. We will work with you to achieve quick but permanent results. Based on realistic goals, we provide practical advice and coaching to help you make the healthy choices.



Healthy inside, healthy outside!

Not a crash diet but eating differently and better. We will give you advice on the nutrients your body needs and which ingredients you can use for preparing healthy meals. We will help you to achieve a healthy weight and a good figure. Your skin tone will improve, you will look younger and you will feel much more energetic!



Get fit, stay fit!

First, we will help you set your goals. What can you achieve? Your Health Coach will then help you to become fitter, more flexible and more vital. You will enjoy better health and well-being. Get to know your body and do whatever suits you best: exercise, stretches and/or relaxation.

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