What the happiest people do differently! 

“Did I surprise you?” Or are you here because you’re interested in what the secret of happy people is – perhaps because you struggle to feel lasting fulfilment and contentment yourself? There are only 4 things that distinguish happy people.

Sabine helps you to develop and maximise a sustainable and healthy lifestyle through awareness, coaching and Deep Health. With her, people learn to practice self-care and to maximise their greatest potential without detours and loss of time. Together we face your lifestyle challenges and in this way set in motion a change that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.


Holistic Coaching

Get your Vision, Mindset and Action Plan right!

Intensive personal support that fits your everyday life. Together with me you take the steps on your personal path to a quick and lasting result. Based on realistic goals, I give you solution-oriented and practical tips and coach you in your change to healthy habits that immediately do you good! The YHC app accompanies you 24/7 while you get an overview of your progress.


Nutrition as Solution

A healthy inside gives a radiant outside!

Not a diet, but sustainable different and better eating. I, as a nutrition coach, will help you choose the right ingredients for varied meals, a healthy weight and a great figure - in the long run! You will face your everyday challenges with energy, feel and look younger and be happier with yourself! The YHC app helps you keep track of your food diary.


Move well and often

Workout now for how fit you want to be in yours 80s

Bi PHiT trainers help you become fitter, more vital and healthier. Get to know your body with personal and group training sessions and get ready to clear your head and improve your performance and flexibility. Sabine offers online Deep Stretch and Breathing sessions in groups. The Deep Stretch training is meant as an addition to your training so that you learn how to combine training, stretching and breathing in a meaningful way.

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