Lifestyle goes beyond nutrition and exercise.

Do you recognize this?
  • Wanting, but struggling
  • Knowing, but relapsing
  • Being determined, but doing something else
  • Being health-conscious, yet seeing no results

As a coach, I work with real people facing genuine struggles in behavior change, all within the daily chaos of real life.

Busy successful people:

  • Who want to improve their habits and make changes but constantly struggle, and/or
  • Who may even know what to do but find it challenging to consistently follow through, and/or
  • Who are determined to eat healthily in the morning but catch themselves snacking or grabbing a whiskey or glass of wine to reward or reduce stress, and/or
  • Who feel they are leading a healthy lifestyle but don’t see satisfying results.

You’ll learn why it can be challenging to change, even if you genuinely want to. Most people are stuck in a cycle of quick fixes that provide temporary hope but don’t bring lasting change.

You’ll learn how to regain your energy and quality of life and improve your skills to confidently face real-life challenges.

This is how you achieve the results you truly want and deserve: a slender, fit, and strong body. And that makes everything else possible!



Back to your real self in no time!

Do you want to:
  • Regain your shape and energy
  • Regain focus and peace
  • Regain joy and impact your wellbeing

In one Quick Scan session with Sabine, you can discover your biggest obstacle to decreasing vitality. This provides new insights, allowing you to see opportunities for sustainable progress in your health and fitness.

Many busy people don’t live in line with their values (gut feeling) in one or more of the six life areas: physical, mental, emotional, relational, living/working environment, and existential. This directly negatively impacts their sense of health and their potential utilization.

They are also unaware that the connection between their mind and body is essential to maintaining high levels of vitality, well-being, and productivity.

Living according to your gut feeling will accelerate your vitality, energy, and quality of life seemingly effortlessly for others.

In this conversation, you will learn:

  • To recognize the cause of your stagnating/decreasing vitality and discover opportunities for well-being and productivity
  • How to use your mind and emotions for sustainable behavior change in a simple way
  • How to easily create a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle system Request a free Deep Health Quick Scan now.
  • Hoe je met gemak tot een gezond en leuk leefstijlsysteem komt

Request now for a free Deep Health Quick-Scan


The power of Deep Health

5 simple habits:
  • Intuitive eating
  • Exercising without pains
  • Regulating stress
  • Optimizing sleep and metabolism
  • Making progress

This exclusive Transformation Day where you work personally with Sabine reveals that a “Deep Health lifestyle” is the key to your vitality, well-being, and productivity. This creates resilience, energy, and satisfaction in your life.

This is a life-changing and sustainable vitality gift for yourself.

Sabine HeijmanDuring this exclusive Transformation Day, you work 1:1 personally with Sabine. Sabine helps you pause in a beautiful and calming environment to become aware of the real reason behind your physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Additionally, you discover your progress opportunities based on what truly matters to you.

You learn that a “Deep Health lifestyle” is the key to your vitality, well-being, and productivity. This allows you to create resilience, energy, and satisfaction in your life. Maintaining a personal minimum of “Deep Health” is essential for growth and excellence as a human being.

The knowledge you gain during this day includes:

  • How to become aware that awareness is the key to positive change
  • How 5 essential healthy skills make you slim, fit, and strong
  • How to easily turn these skills into automatic habits This will greatly help you achieve a breakthrough in sustainably realizing and maintaining your health and fitness goals

After this day, you have a clear overview and can immediately get started. You will reap the benefits sustainably.

You will work with Sabine to create your Deep Health Lifestyle Action Plan and start solidly.

Discuss the possibilities for a 1:1 Transformation Day in a

free Deep Health Quick-Scan


Slimmer, fitter, and stronger with ease

Do you want to:
  • Be physically and mentally strong
  • Exercise without pain
  • Enjoy being photographed

A 6-week kickstarter program that prioritizes yourself, doubling your energy and quality of life with customized and clear steps while becoming slimmer, fitter, and stronger.

The kickstarter program aims to help you concretely and practically.

It assists you in taking the first successful steps towards more awareness, better physical shape, and fitness, and strength in your body.

This program teaches you:

  • How to make the right food choices that gradually help you lose weight (without giving up your indulgent desires)
  • The most effective combination of exercise for a well-shaped, fit, and strong body
  • The best habits for a good metabolism, sleep, and rest (recovery)
  • The secret of effective stress management, so you always remain resilient and focused
  • Internalizing a growth mindset so you never fall back into old patterns. As a result, you become more content and relaxed and naturally reclaim your energy and drive

This program is fully covered by CIGNA International health insurance.

Discuss the possibilities for the Kickstarter program in a

free Deep Health Quick-Scan


A solution that works for a lifetime!

Do you want to be:
  • In shape, fit, and strong
  • Sharp and relaxed
  • Influential in performance

A year program for busy professionals that makes you resilient and sustainably slim, fit, and strong. It not only makes you feel vital but also provides the best quality of life without ever relapsing.

The DEEP HEALTH Transformation year program is designed to coach and guide you in a concrete and practical way.

It helps you become slim, fit, and strong easily, feel vital, and achieve well-being in all areas of life. This way, you look good, feel good, and perform excellently at any age.

This consistently gives your life the direction and meaning you want. You are energetic and effortlessly get the most out of your life.

This program teaches you:

  • How to optimize your vitality to be in shape, feel good, be strong, and energetic
  • How to increase your quality of life through awareness, for sustained inner satisfaction and peace
  • How to effectively redirect stress to focus so you can perform with impact
  • How to achieve all this sustainably with a personal Deep Health lifestyle system without requiring much time or motivation

Discuss the possibilities for the DEEP HEALTH Transformation year program in a

free Deep Health Quick-Scan


100% privacy

Do you want:
  • 1:1 coaching
  • 1:1 personal training
  • 1:1 retreats
  • This exclusive 1:1 Deep Health Exclusive year program helps you in the most personal and private way under Sabine’s guidance.

Exclusive 1:1 coaching and guidance by Sabine for individuals for whom privacy and/or confidentiality are essential.

Discuss the possibilities for the Exclusive year program in a

free Deep Health Quick-Scan


Back to your true self, rest, and reclaim your energy!

Do you also want to go to:
  • Italy, South Tyrol
  • Ibiza, Sant Joan de Labritja
  • The Netherlands, Noordwijk aan Zee

After participating in one of my holistic Deep Health “Energy Reset” Retreats, return home physically, mentally, and emotionally strengthened.

Because daily life is sometimes a struggle or a puzzle that seems unsolvable, imbalance, stress, and fatigue can sometimes take over and throw our body, mind, and soul out of balance.

If you experience this, it’s beneficial to take a conscious break. Relax, prioritize your health, improve your skills, and explore your life goals more deeply.

This allows you to gain new insights, recharge, reconnect with your true self, return to healthy habits that suit you, and ensure you never relapse.

All that’s needed is a decision to choose for yourself, check into a beautiful place, and follow the coaching and guidance of an expert.

All retreats are provided with excellent cuisine and a balanced diet of fresh, whole foods.

The magic of transformation takes place in deep relaxation, where you can connect with your inner strength, feel empowered, and start doing what you live for.

De retreats in Italy and Ibiza include:

In White Deer San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, I offer you a 100% private setting (the location is fully bookable 1:1 and/or with the use of 3 exclusive rooms, maximum 6 people) for genuine rest within a serene, authentic, and reliable environment, with exclusive support from fantastic friendly staff and a private chef and extensive wellness facilities

Info / Book Ibiza Retreat April 14-18th

Info / book Italy Retreat April 22-24th or 24-26th

The quality of your health and wellbeing determines how you look, feel and perform.


I’m here to help you so that:

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