Conquer Workout Skipping: Discover Easy Solutions for Consistency

What you need to know if you skip a workout! 🏋️‍♀️

So you skipped a workout…or two…or took a week-long break while vacationing. Not the end of the world, right?

BUT here’s the catch: it can easily turn into a pattern of missed workouts, resulting in a decline in your fitness level, strength, and daily energy.

I often see this with busy people around me. Just a few days ago, a busy client shared with me his desire to stick to his workout plan because he’s aware of the risks associated with not moving his body. He has witnessed how the lack of exercise affected his parents health, leading to weight gain and eventually severe health issues. Despite this awareness, he struggles to commit to his plan and constantly falls back into the same old lazy routine. He asked me, „Sabine, what can I do to actually follow through with my workout plan? Do you have any tips?“

So, instead of pushing the pause button on your workouts, TRY THIS:

👉 Move yourself first to get motivated after because the motivation doesn’t always show up first. 

👉 Make it a LIFESTYLE – aim to be intentionally active most days, even if it’s just for a few minutes (for example 5.000 steps a day). 

👉 Make it a non-negotiable part of your day. Whether it’s a post-dinner stroll, a few sit-ups, squats or push-ups before your shower, or some morning sun salutations – make it happen!

By turning movement into a lifestyle, you safeguard your fitness and pave the way for a lifetime of healthy habits.

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Good luck and keep me posted in the comments!

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