One of the things that helped me „click“ with healthy eating was seeing how someone else did it. I’m not talking about a made-up plan in a magazine, but a real-life example of a day’s worth of eating… exactly what they ate and when they ate it. 🍽️

So that’s why I’ve decided to pull back the curtain and share my personal „day in the life“ when it comes to food. Something to keep in mind: this is what works for ME. I’m not suggesting you follow this!

I’m sharing it in hopes that it gets the wheels turning for YOU in finding a routine that fits your goals, schedule, and that you like. So here we go! This is what I usually eat on a normal day during the week. 📅

FIRST THING IN THE MORNING: I drink a tall glass of (warm) water with lemon juice… quickly followed by a double espresso. ☕

BREAKFAST: For breakfast, I usually have plant-based low-fat quark with apple, protein powder, nuts, linseed, chia seeds, and also a very healthy teaspoon of psyllium seeds. I top it with some cinnamon and turmeric. Depending on my schedule, this is usually eaten 30-45 minutes after my coffee (it takes my stomach that long to wake up!). Otherwise, I cook myself two eggs any style, with spinach, tomatoes, and fresh herbs. Or I blend myself a liter of green smoothie to go. 🍏🥚🥗

LUNCH: Lunch at home or on the go! I threw this together the night before, except for the tahini dressing: chopped salad with greens and veggies, chickpeas, some sesame seeds, and avocado. In a restaurant, I always pick a big salad, any style. 🥗🥑

POST-WORKOUT SNACK: Protein shake with a banana for some muscle building. 🍌💪

AFTERNOON SNACK: For snacks, I can always eat some fruit. 🍎🍇🍓

DINNER: Some nicely cooked or oven-roasted veggies, like carrots, paprika, spinach, and some sweet potatoes… with fish, lemon, and olive oil. YUM! 🥕🐟🍋

I do as much work as possible ahead of time and keep my meals very simple. That way, I have no excuses for eating the right portions and also healthy! 🥦🍽️

Because just like you, I struggle with taking my lunch meals without distractions, especially when I am in my home office. I force myself to sit on my terrace in the sun, without my phone. I practice eating slowly, have some fresh air, chat with the neighbor, and get some Vitamin D sunlight! ☀️

It’s all about keeping it simple and structured so you can stick with it!

If you want to see how I help my clients create a personalized nutrition plan to achieve their fitness, shape, and health goals and how I can help YOU do the same thing, click here to schedule a call! 📞📆

Die Qualität deiner Vitalität bestimmt, wie du aussiehst, dich fühlst und wie leistungsfähig du bist.


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