This way goal setting will greatly improve your lifestyle and body strength,

but almost every health coach misses out on it.

For more than 30 years I’ve been involved in health, and for 15 years I’ve been active as a systemic neuroscientific health coach.

I know people want quick results, but they often start without effective objectives.

Is that sustainable? No.

I believe in transforming objectives, because otherwise, it’s almost impossible for anyone to enjoy or sustain.

Personally, I quickly lose interest in things I can’t control, if I’m not allowed to do something anymore, or when I depend on someone else’s evaluation.

I myself am an extremely vital entrepreneur of 49 years. I’m happy with myself, my family, and my business. I have abundant resilience.

When I was 22, I discovered the power of setting self-aware goals and the ability to grow and thrive in all aspects of my life.

I see that my clients are also attracted to harnessing this inner superpower.

When I was in a significant crisis 27 years ago and wanted to change, I learned a valuable and effective approach to setting goals.

They made me extremely vital, which is now the basis for my resilience and happiness.

Here are three ways to transform your lifestyle goals:

1: Transform „result-oriented“ into „behavior-oriented“

Result-oriented goals are difficult to control because they are often influenced by the environment and physical factors. Behavioral goals focus on everything we have control over.

2: Transform „avoidance-oriented“ into „approach-oriented“

„Avoidance“ goals require a lot of mental work and take up a lot of mental, emotional space and energy, and give a guilty conscience about what you’re not doing… or shouldn’t be doing… „Approach“ goals help you move towards something desirable and focus on doing good for ourselves.

3: Transform „performance-oriented“ into „mastery-oriented“

Performance goals place our happiness and satisfaction in the hands of someone or something else. Mastery is motivating and brings pleasure in improving every day.

Since I’ve been setting my goals this way, my inner strength, my lifestyle, and vitality flow, which I think you can see well on my „outside“.

It’s logical that you won’t stay motivated if you constantly impose, restrict, or allow less for yourself.

So if you want to achieve your lifestyle goals, you need a powerful formula, something to effectively organize your efforts.

Follow the above strategies to convert ‚bad‘ goals into ‚good‘ goals.

I’m curious about what your goals look like exactly, let me know here and I’ll give you feedback in a DM.

Die Qualität deiner Vitalität bestimmt, wie du aussiehst, dich fühlst und wie leistungsfähig du bist.


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