Nr. 1 Secret for a healthy and a vital body

A long time ago, I used to sleep too few hours per night, and then I would feel tired on the weekends…🙈

The #fatigue I hear from busy individuals aged 45 and above often leads to concentration problems, reduced productivity, mood swings, and an increased risk of health issues.

I am also an entrepreneur but I have been „obsessed“ with sleep for over 10 years now. I have become someone who sleeps at least 8 hours per night. And I love power naps – especially on weekdays! 😎

I think everyone looking to become a healthier, fitter and stronger version of themselves, should be obsessed with it too. 😂

When you don’t get enough sleep it can create a triple-blocker effect in your body. It can…

😞 disrupt your appetite hormones (ghrelin & leptin), making you feel hungrier
😞 affect the way you process sugar, potentially causing you to store more fat
😞 lower the number of calories you burn

And as a bonus 🎁, number 4: You simply perform below your potential!

If any of those ring a better, sleep to the rescue!

Here are 3 of my easy Tips for a good night sleep to feel recovered:

-> Set aside enough time (7-9 hours) for a solid night of sleep

-> Make sure your bedroom is cool, quiet, and tidy!

-> Shift your mind: Sleep = optimal Self-Care & Me-Time

So now that you now my #secret… I need to know… is anyone else as obsessed as I am?

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Die Qualität deines Wohlbefindens bestimmt, wie du aussiehst, wie du dich fühlst und wie leistungsfähig du bist.


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