We are celebrating 8 years of great customers!

And that is just the beginning.

Extraordinary developments and new experiences emerge only through authentic and human relationships. We believe in that since the first day. Last year, we celebrated our 7th anniversary with yourhealthcoach.com, with stories about real lifestyle changes that were accompanied by Your Health Coach. And each of these stories came from one of our exceptional customers.

In addition, based on my holistic approach, the work-life balance simulation game for companies was launched: https://www.schirrmachergroup.de/work-life-balance/

This year we do not wait until the 16th of September – we are celebrating you now! We would like to take your success moments as an opportunity to thank you with a great, practical gift for your also loyalty.

For this, we have developed a Your Health Coach Healthy Lifestyle Bag for all customers. The lightweight bag is really ‘modern’ and was produced after long consultation with experts of the fashion industry. The bag is breathable, transparent and multifunctional. Your sports and swimming clothes, training shoes and water bottles will find their place in this bag. Shakes, cosmetics and towels are available as always in our studio.

You can now show the world that you are proud of your healthy, active lifestyle! Why not? A healthier lifestyle is an often underrated solution that provides tremendous support to busy people today!

Again a big thank you to you all! Thank you for benign part of our incredible journey in the past few years.

Sabine & Team

P.S. Send us a picture of you and the bag ūüôā

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