A healthy inside gives a radiant outside! 

Not a diet, but sustainable different and better eating. I will help you choose the right ingredients for varied meals, a healthy weight and a great figure ‚Äď in the long run! You will face your everyday challenges with energy, feel and look younger and be happier with yourself! 

You are what you eat! I give recommendations and concrete examples to teach you to eat differently and better. Why you want to do this is up to you. Maybe you want to lose weight, build muscle mass or get rid of certain skin problems, pseudo-allergies and a weak immune system. Nutritious food, balanced in optimal quantity, variety and combination, can be the solution. We look for the optimal composition of nutrients and building materials (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.) for your body. The nutrition must, as the name suggests, nourish you, but also taste good to you. I also make sure that you can enjoy your food. You will also get practical tips for shopping, cooking and making the right choices when you eat away from home. 

On the Your Health Coach portal, we work with a 12-week diet plan. You can track your diet online and this gives you the chance to develop healthy eating habits. I look over your shoulder and support you optimally. 

The food app accompanies you 24/7! Get to know it here

Sabine ūüíú 

Ook jij voelt je prettiger aan het stuur, dan ernaast!


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