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My training partner Bi PHiT has several studios in Munich. There, the trainers help you offline or online to become fitter, more vital and healthier. Get to know your body and get ready for a clear head, increased performance and more mobility. 

Have you ever heard of mitochondria? These powerhouses in your cells can produce energy from carbohydrates and fats by burning them to meet your daily energy needs. Through exercise, these little power plants multiply and you can expect a fit and energetic body and a healthy feeling. This will not only help you in your training, but also in your daily life. With targeted muscle, endurance and flexibility training you increase the total amount of muscle mass in your body. This self-generated fat-burning machine runs without a break and ensures, among other things, that you stay slim and fit in addition to being able to recover quickly. 

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De kwaliteit van je vitaliteit bepaalt hoe je eruitziet, je voelt en presteert.


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