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Semester Opening Special: 25% *on all services (no products) in Your Health Coach Studio

You want to do something good for your health at the start of the semester and start the day with the right mindset and focus?

We, the Your Health Team, offer you premium care for a good price!:

  • Individual support with personal training or a minigroup (with a maximum of 4 participants per hour)
  • The training is ran by personal trainer and sports scientists. The training program is tailored to your needs, wishes and goals
  • You will be doing exercises with your own body weight and free weights – guided equipment, as you can find them in all fitness studios we don’t have!
  • You will find us close to the LMU and TU Munich in Fürstenstraße 19 in Schwabing. So you have the possibility to train between, before or after the lectures or during your learning breaks
  • Our services: You can purchase personal training, mini-group, as well as foodcoachings, Bailine-EMS-training and nutritional and training plans tailored to your needs – to support you on the way to become fitter.

Offer: As a “Zuckerl” for the semester start, you will receive a 25% discount and free access to our Your Health Coach portal until 31.12.2017 on all services (* daily training hours until 10.00 am – 4.00 pm) with an online nutritional diary and training plans and free workouts with demonstrated exercises in the Your Health Coach app!

If you are looking for a free pro-training (1x mini-group), please contact us by e-mail: info@yourhealthcoach.de or call 089/32608060. Of course you can also contact us on Facebook!

We will send you your invitation for a free trial-training by e-mail!

We look forward to seeing you!!

You too feel more comfortable steering the wheel, than sitting beside it!


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