Boost your Fitness: Fit Food Guide 

You want to become fitter, build muscle and burn some fat? Did you know that a healthy diet for your fitness is just as important as your training? A balanced diet with enough carbohydrates, protein and fat helps you achieve your goals faster.

We are here to help you! The Fit Food Guide provides plenty of recipe inspiration for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Also, it includes plenty of tips, workouts from Your Health Coach | Sabine Heijman and practical planning templates.

Are you ready to become the best version of your own?

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Customer Feedback 09.09.2017:

Hello Sabine,
Here is a brief statement about Fit Food Guide:
Meat and fish must be on the table, NO …. with your FitFoodGuide you showed me that this does not have to be. With the recipe suggestions I am also without pasta, pizza, meat and fish totally happy with my meals. I am now at day 7 and at – 3.9 kg. With the food you suggested, I have a relatively fast feeling of saturation, even cravings do not come up. The protein powder is certainly responsible for this. Skinny protein for dressing mmmh or Energy bomb in morning for a breakfast killer like me, I come to only max 1000 kcal. With the workouts, however, I am a little lazy… What is awesome is the breakfast. You know I am a real breakfast muffle. Smoothie and Porridge SUPER !!! Have not left any breakfast left. What I like: all recipes are prepared quickly! I will continue until next week – until Wiesn!

I will not stay with totally Vegan or vegetarian, but 3-4 days a week FitFood in any case!

I keep you up to date!

Best Regards,


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