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Boosting solutions to be healthy, vibrant and radiant

These three solutions will boost your fitness, immune system, moreover we will help you to lose weight easily:

  1. ONE WEEK KICKSTART WEIGHTLOSS: FitFoodGuide with 24 recipes, 5 bodyweight workouts

  2. ONE MONTH AFTER WIESN POWER-PACKAGE: 30 days fitness training with a skin tightening program

  3. THREE MONTHS FATBURNING WORKSHOPS: 3x Barbell, 3x Kettlebell, 3x Ski-fit

Stay away from colds, tiredness and winter depression – in stead boost your body with efficient fitness training, easy nutritious meals and get rid of those wealthy kilos.

You can subscribe to any of the programs above, please visit our Webshop.

Bookings via our Your Health Coach Portal or by mail info@yourhealthcoach.de
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We’re looking forward to your booking!

Sabine Heijman & Team

Do you want to be fit, healthy and happy with your body?

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