Goals for Januar 12th 2025?

What if, on January 12th, 2025 – exactly one year from today – your life looked exactly the same, and your body felt the same as it does now?

Would you be okay with that, or do you think you’d wish for things to be different?

Over the past 15 years, I’ve guided thousands of busy fathers and mothers who, while working at the top as entrepreneurs, CEOs, lawyers, attorneys, managers, and politicians, have a hectic business and personal life.

Despite their busy schedules, I’ve helped them achieve a healthy, fit, and resilient lifestyle.

They are energetic, maintain a fit and strong body, possess a positive mindset, and can do everything they want, leading to a high quality of life.

As a result, they perform better, feel fulfilled, and serve as great examples for others, all while saying “never again“…

🌿 Never again struggling with my body, fitness, and energy levels, but staying in shape and feeling fit at any age.
🌿 Never again falling back into old patterns of alcohol, eating, and drug use or lack of daily exercise, but effortlessly following my personally healthy lifestyle.
🌿 Never again allowing myself to be driven crazy by stress, irritation, or fear, but being able to quickly put things into perspective, focus, and perform.
🌿 Never again frustration in my relationship and hunger for intimacy, but having desires fulfilled.
🌿 Never again being stuck in boredom without drive or perspective, but passionately doing what I love and what I’m good at.

Many people think: “If I’m kind to myself, live healthily, lose weight, or feel fitter, then I’ve made it, and the rest will fall into place.”

No, it’s just the first step and the right foundation for starting a change process.

The key is overcoming the causes, and your own mental and emotional obstacles that prevent you from having the vitality and life you desire.

This can only be found and resolved within your subconscious, and then it becomes truly easy.

You free yourself, becoming physically fit and mentally strong enough to tackle new, bigger challenges, problems, illnesses, and frustrations at any age. I was seriously ill last year due to a bacterium, so I know all about it.

That’s why I created the Deep Health Retreat and my transformation programs, among other things.

Deep Health is how long-term, sustainable vitality, well-being, and productivity are built – the proven individual system and a holistic approach – to take yourself and your life to the next level.

With Deep Health, we will shape your lifestyle and life as you have always desired. Looking fantastic and attractive as a result is automatic 🙂

In a Deep Health transformation program, I will personally coach you on the results and guide you when you are in the middle of the process, ensuring continuous progress.

The only question is – are you ready to say “Never again…”?

You don’t have to decide right away. Just take the first step…

Book a free online introductory meeting to explore what this can mean for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Customer Experience -> Mieke, 55, said to me yesterday after the 7-week Deep Health Kickstarter program:

“I am so happy that, with your years of experience, expertise, personal interest, and attention in me, I have had the confidence to initiate a process of change with you in a fun and effective way, addressing the feeling of ‘slipping away.’

As a result, I have lost 7 kg, feel better in my own skin, but most importantly, I now prioritize myself. Through your guidance, I am learning more about my physical, mental, and emotional life, and I know how to change that within myself and translate it into my behavior.

This early but successful start now helps me to truly take much better care of myself in my own way, make good choices, achieve a healthy weight, be more content, and spend time on things I want to focus on and have a drive for. Of course, I want to continue building on this success.”

The quality of your health and wellbeing determines how you look, feel and perform.


I’m here to help you so that:

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