I have found my inner strength and feel healthy and fit again!

Why did you participate in the VIP retreat “The power of Deep Health”, what was the problem?

My whole life was dedicated to a lot of things: my career, kids, and family. However, I felt like I wasn’t able to reach my health and fitness goals. I constantly felt restless, tired, and overwhelmed.
I participated in the VIP retreat „The power of Deep Health“ because, I am in a phase of life where, for the first time, I can and want to focus on myself rather than my career. There are many changes I need help implementing and dive deeper into these connections.

What was your biggest obstacle to overcoming this problem?:
My biggest obstacle to overcome was my inability to practice self-awareness, embody self care and my tendency to prioritize results over accepting the process.

How did you experience the VIP retreat?:
The retreat was very inspiring, appreciative, and feminine, helping me rediscover my inner values and inner strength.

What did you learn during the retreat that will help you overcome this obstacle?:
I learned that not everything has to be negative and that the process is what truly matters, not just the outcome.

What has the VIP retreat taught you, what will help succeeding now?:
I discovered that I have more inner strength than I thought, and with it, I can achieve anything.

What is different after the VIP retreat? / Why is that important to you?:
I gained more clarity about my goals and my vision of life because I don’t want life to pass me by; I want to live it consciously!

What are you particularly grateful to me for?:
I want to thank you for your courage to explore changes and take new paths, for your inspirations and experiences with this concept, for your positive energy and sense of humor.

Can you recommend this VIP retreat?:
I would definitely recommend this VIP retreat.


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