My 31 personal habits to inspire, inform & support your lifestyle change

Whow, you now know already a bit more about me, and 5 #habits out of my personal life – these ones should be „achievable“ for everyone:

✅ rest days

✅ exercise

✅ cooking

✅ sleeping

✅ reading

Would you like to integrate one or another? Then start now, you don’t have to wait longer or think about it… because with waiting & thinking nothing happens 😉

🙋🏻‍♀️ For me, an „implementation intention“ helps when I want to integrate something new into my life(style). It is, so to speak, a specific plan of implementation. When you make one, immediately write in your diary what you have to do when and how: it’s like a reminder of your future self. I used to do this on paper or digitally, now I just record the idea in my head and stick to my intended intention – in that way I feel true to myself and therefore good!

💡 But there also nice „supporting solutions“: you could use the

💪 website or the app „Dear Future Self“

💪 website or the app “HiFutureSelf – Future Messages“
where you write an email or leave a voicemail for yourself at a later time. That can be the next day, but also many years later: also nice, but not a good idea when it comes to “action“ plans of course 😂

If you like, share your intentions with me!

Sabine 💜

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