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Meditation forces you to disidentify yourself with your mind & emotions. I think it is the easiest personal developmental tool to learn and internalize. And you know what, you all with conscious awareness (mindfulness) can practice it!

The benefits of meditation – mental, emotional and physical – are innumerable and doing as only 1-10 minutes a day can make you healthier & happier 🙂 And once you have learned – you’ll never forget it!

🙋🏻‍♀️ In the past, I really had problems with “waiting” in general. But especially at the dentist and in in other boring waiting rooms, while for me for no reason… Then I started to use this “time” for me, as “me-time”. I do only practice 1-5 minutes a day. I use often following strategy where I place myself in a chair opposite of me. I let “her” (myself) speak for one minute and then I ask her kindly and polite to shut up and stop babbling – moreover stop staying in her emotions. Funny to say, is that for me the best strategy to get in a meditation very quickly, it works perfectly for me – I stop doing and I just be.

🙋🏻‍♀️ For running I discovered the NIKE-Running App including Coaching and Meditation from Headspace. It gently guides me into a 25-60 minutes meditation practice. Whow, it’s is sooo good! The decision to run was the hardest, the flow into the meditation runs by itself.

💡 If you start with meditation, please do it on a regular basis. After 30 days x 1 minute – you will feel more balanced and at peace with everything. Maybe you’ll get addicted to it!

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