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One key variable for mental and physical health includes: quality and sufficient duration of sleep!
It’s the foundation and most important for your performance. Otherwise we simply will not have the energy and ongoing motivation to be able to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The foundation starts with sleep but when and how much we sleep (and how well we sleep) as well as how alert we feel throughout the day can be strongly impacted by viewing morning sunlight!

🙋🏻‍♀️ Sleeping is for me a must the be at my best the next day. I prefer 8 hours, 7 days a week, so yes I stay we the same rhythm. With lack of sleeping I will disturb my energy balance and appetite regulation (hormones), could/will get cravings, won’t have sufficient muscle repair and tissue growth, will spike in my your cortisol levels and gain body fat. A lot of people will develop through this, sleep disorders and / or obesity.

💡 So, we don’t want that, right? Let’s sleep more, get lean, feel good and energized like young people #lol

Sabine 💜

P.S. I love and do frequent Powernaps 😎 and sleeping in Hotels like @platzlhotelmunich 🤩

Die Qualität deines Wohlbefindens bestimmt, wie du aussiehst, wie du dich fühlst und wie leistungsfähig du bist.


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