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Being comforted is fine, feeling comfortable is needed but allowing complacency can be an inhibitor. Some people certainly want to step out, but their biggest fear is that they don’t know where the next step ends, how it feels and looks like.

But do you know the #benefits from stepping outside your #comfortzone? We all know comfort brings a sense of familiarity and calm. But it can also prevent us from being open for new – being #curious for what is, was and comes next.

We’ve got a bit lazy and maybe also less critical, because within seconds, we have everything we want to know on our multi media screens.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Black and White thinking used to be easy for me and I think for a lot of people it still and certainly is. Some examples, to Love or Hate, to Diet or Overeating, being Active or Lazy and so on. But in between is where I found the Happiness to be. The grey area is where exciting life is, otherwise so much is missed.

I experienced I grow easily by stepping out, when I challenge myself with new skills or knowledge, through that I can peak my performance level. It teaches me about my interests, passions, talents, strengths and weaknesses. It pushes my creativity, self-confidence and stimulates my resilience. I am grateful and appreciate for sure what I have already been able to experience in life, but doing new things make obstacles look like real interesting opportunities.

Today I’ll make a first #workaction to a place I do not know anything about – other then some tips for comfortable activities like restaurants, beaches etc. My conditions where to book this trip within European time-zone, sunny weather, good place to work and chill and last but not least, being able to meet new people and build relationships. That’s the last benefit, but therefore I need to be good with myself.

Whow, I am so curious what this coming week will bring – but I set myself no #expectations or #goals!

💡When will you take the step?

Sabine 💜 Do you know where I am off to?


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