Get Rid of Stress Fat!

This Can Be Your Biggest Healthy Lifestyle Obstacle

Not only according to science, stress and burnout have become serious phenomena in our society, especially in recent years.

In essence, everyone is affected, and almost no group of people is spared. However, people who work or exercise a lot are particularly affected.

These people are constantly trying to balance demands from different areas of life with their work or sport and to create harmony. In this respect, the way this stress is dealt with is key.

Nowadays it seems you should feel ashamed if you have no stress. At the same time, positive stress is often considered a negative thing, whereas it can really make you feel good and help you develop.

I like to give you five tips to reduce stress:

  1. Do not allow small issues to come to a head, but try to neutralize them straightaway. Call a good friend, go swimming, eat a healthy snack, close your eyes for a few seconds, remember your favourite holiday, or listen to your favourite song as a preventative mind control or stress management exercise.
  2. Take a few deep breaths (4 inhale – 8 exhale), as this has a very relaxing effect. It will help you to put the focus of your attention “in the moment”. We recommend taking three deep breaths to reflect on your reaction.
  3. Take a break. See it as a strategic moment. Collect your thoughts and proactively think about a plan on how to react.
  4. Do not let the problem and the stress become more important than your mental and physical health. Always prioritize what is really important, pay attention to yourself, and make sure the outcome is respectful to yourself.
  5. Shift the focus from anger and fear towards how you can grow at the challenge. Count on the things you can be grateful for – you will be amazed how many things there are.

Good luck with integrating these tips in your lifestyle!

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