Transformation Tuesday Inspirations

Holiday Season has started! So the best thing is, to do your very best to stay healthy by eating light, fresh high quality food no matter what is going on around you. It’s your precious body and you need it to be strong and energized for the challenges we are facing in our lives and society.

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Stay motivated, so get yourself into our Studio or start an online Coaching to integrate some of our SOLUTIONS to:
MOVE and RECHARGE effectively and with joy
EAT proper and tasty
collect some TIPS on implementing your daily healthy habits.

Staying healthy in this world can be challenging, but it is the most important investment of time, money and energy you’ll ever make!

With love,
Sabine & Team

P.S. Tuesday Dec. 5th 19:30-21:30 hr and Wednesday Dec. 6th 10:00-13:00 hr, we’ll have an exclusive Your Health Coach (Life)Style Event with jewelry, bags, accessoires, gifts and clothing. Look and buy already at this Stella & Dort website
Moreover we present and sell our own new sustainable Your Health Coach Outfit 
Invitation: info@yourhealthcoach.de

Du fühlst dich auch am Lenkrad deines Autos wohler, als daneben zu sitzen!


Ich lehre dich gezielt, zu deiner besten Version zu werden:

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