Deep health is a multi-faceted, whole-person, whole-life experience of thriving in all domains.

To do this, I adopt a structured, systematic, science-based approach that is rooted in:

  • A hopeful, empowering vision of people’s potential for change;
  • The most current scientific knowledge about health, fitness, nutrition, and behavior;
  • A strategic set of progressive, practical actions taken in people’s real lives to help them realize their potential.

What this essentially means when working with you is that I’ll:

  • Initiate a deeper conversation with you regarding your health behavior, daily actions, perception, and approach. Given the interconnected nature of all elements of Deep Health, you’ll swiftly see how their integration and your consistent implementation positively impact every area of your life.
  • View you as a complex individual;
  • Coach you to achieve your health and fitness goals in methodical steps;
  • Guide you to effortlessly find your balance and attain a sustainable Deep Health lifestyle.

Adopting a “Deep Health lifestyle” and taking responsibility for your self-care leads to a more vital, joyful, and meaningful life.

What exactly is Deep Health? Deep Health encompasses well-being in all six life domains: physical, mental, emotional, relational, environmental, and existential. Maintaining a personal minimum of “Deep Health” is crucial for growth, resilience, and excelling as a human being.

The Deep Health Concept is based on how you can develop this and what daily actions you can take to achieve it, so your new behaviors ultimately lead to real, sustainable change in your vitality and life.

I’ll coach and guide on your journey toward self-actualization and self-development.

Humans often struggle to make rational decisions that impact their health. I am here to assist you in understanding your emotions, feelings, and behaviors, empowering you to apply the science of health behavior change in your own life.

Living an incongruent life, where you are not aligned with your values, often results in a lingering sense of stress that typically manifests in physical, mental, and/or emotional “issues” and compensatory behavior.

For this, a different approach is needed than mere contemplation. It is quick and simple, yet only solvable in your unconscious mind.

You will understand blockages/beliefs in your subconscious and learn how to address them easily. You’ll recognize them, overcome them, and gain new experiences that allow you to create new, constructive, 5 essential healthy habits that propel you forward.

Your old/destructive thoughts and behavior patterns will disappear like snow in the sun.

Process and scientific background:

  • Deep Health has taught me that you need to address your health on all levels, allowing different areas of life to positively reinforce each other. This method provides simple and effective tools that are achievable for everyone, to optimize vitality, well-being, and productivity.
  • Maintaining a personal minimum level of “Deep Health” is essential for growth, resilience, and human excellence.
  • My clients achieve a complete behavior change and improvement in all areas of life. As a result, they have consistent energy, experience a high quality of life, deliver top performances, and enjoy inner peace.
  • In my transformation program, you achieve this in 3 steps based on the biopsychosocial model:
    • Awareness (understanding/self-realization)
    • Self-care skills (self-development in all areas of your health, such as movement/recovery, nutrition, stress and sleep management, mindset, emotion regulation, and environmental optimization)
    • Habits/Routines
  • This approach not only considers the biomedical aspects but also takes into account the psychological and social factors that play a role in illness, transformation, or a healing process.
  • I incorporate approaches from humanistic psychology (client-centeredness), hypnosystemic (focused on your resources and resetting beliefs in your unconscious mind), and neuroscientific approach (brain function).

Do you want to address your main obstacle hindering you from realizing your potential in just ONE session?

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The quality of your health and wellbeing determines how you look, feel and perform.


I’m here to help you so that:

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