Sabine coaches “Deep Health” 

Deep health is a multi-faceted, whole-person, whole-life experience of thriving in all domains!


To do this, I take a structured, systematic, science-based approach that’s based on: 

  • a hopeful, empowering vision of people’s potential for change; 
  • the most current scientific knowledge about health, fitness, nutrition, and behavior; 
  • a strategic set of progressive, practical actions taken in people’s real lives to help them 

realize that potential. 

What that simply put that means in working with you, that I’ll 

  • Start a deeper conversation with you about your health behavior as well as your daily actions towards it, your perception and approach. Since all elements of Deep Health are interrelated, you will quickly see how their totality and your consistent implementation of them will positively impact every area of your life;   
  • Look at you as a complex individual;     
  • Do my best to help you achieve Deep Health in methodical steps so that the door to your inner power opens;   
  • Show you how to effortlessly find your balance (sweet spot) and achieve deep satisfaction and fulfillment. 

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Sabine 💜 

The quality of your health and wellbeing determines how you look, feel and perform.


I’m here to help you so that:

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