❓Often I get the question: Do I really have to keep a food journal?

First of all: You don’t HAVE to do anything. BUT…  if you do keep a food journal for 3-4 days, it can give you (and me) valuable information that may help you reach your goal.

  • Maybe you realize you are eating more at nighttime than you thought
  • Maybe you order in more than you thought
  • Maybe you discover that when you skip a meal, you end up eating even more snacks

People do over estimate their activity level and how well they eat...

Bottom line: You do NOT have to keep a food journal forever, but keeping one for a few days (without judgment!) can help you spot trends that might be working counter to your goals. I always let my clients keep a food journal for a few days, to reflect their eating behavior. From there on we can then work on finding a diet that fits to my clients lifestyle and needs!

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