Thé Your Health Coach – Method by Sabine Heijman

Achieving goals through coaching, personal training and nutritional advice.

Everyone wants to be successful and satisfied in life, to be able to afford something and enjoy life. You yourself are the key to achieving this: To attractiveness and success belong lightness, efficiency, fitness, well-being, self-confidence!

Thé Your Health Coach Method – by Sabine Heijman and the benefits for your:

  • Stress reduction
  • Health improvement
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Chance of a longer life

The YOUR HEALTH COACH method gives you the opportunity to achieve the above-mentioned goals and integrate them into your life through coaching, training and nutritional advice. You will be accompanied step by step by us with evidence-based expert knowledge and will receive precise instructions to supply your body with nutrients, to achieve a healthy weight, your dream body and to optimize your energy daily:

1. How to set clear goals and achieve them;

2. How to exercise best;

3. How to nurture yourself.

→ The 1st YHC Change Program is an active program that lasts 3 months – we help you to understand your body and learn from it.
→ Result 1st change program (Awareness): I have developed new and healthy habits and achieved my goals!
What: Your awareness and mindfulness will be sharpened.
How: What does that mean and how exactly should I move and nourish myself in order to achieve my goals?
Why: What kept you from changing something? To recognize your behavior and its effects.
Implementation: Playfully develop and build competencies for healthy, sustainable behavior. Methods for self-motivation through knowledge and guidance are automatically developed.
→ Now you are ready for our 2nd YHC Follow-Up Program (12 months). The internalisation of what you have learned and the ability to maintain new habits in both good and stressful times. We will always be at your side throughout the year. After you have reached your goal in the 3 month Change Program, the Follow-Up Program helps you to realise that the new habits (positive mindset, exercise, nutrition, sleep and work habits) will keep you healthy in the long run and that your change has been worth it!
→ Result 2nd Follow-Up Program (Health): I have experienced how I have integrated a healthy lifestyle into my life that makes me healthy and keeps me healthy.
→ After 15 months you join the 3rd YHC Lifestyle Program (from 12 months). You have made it! You can’t and don’t want to live without a healthy lifestyle. You continue to optimize your lifestyle and work, for example, on definition, muscle building or competition preparation.
→ Result 3rd Lifestyle Program (Happy): I am Conscious, Healthy, Happy! With the 3rd program the change is internalized by your own experiences. You now have the necessary know-how and the experience to be able to adjust the right screws according to your own healthy lifestyle in the long run in order to maintain a stable weight and healthy eating behavior.

The quality of your health and wellbeing determines how you look, feel and perform.


I’m here to help you so that:

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