Chewing saves you 200 Calories a Day

Enjoy the moment and eat slowly. Eating slowly means 10% less calories per meal, as the body indicates it is saturated only after 20 minutes. Fruits and vegetables develop even more taste in your mouth, and the longer you chew, the better you will digest your food. Celebrate every meal! Devote your attention to the moment and you will feel how stress is automatically reduced – in as short as 20 minutes. Your mouth also functions as a gigantic slimming machine which converts the energy contained in your food into a form that your body cells can process. Otherwise, the valuable nutrients will never arrive at cell level! Chewing is the source of a long-lasting health: the source of eternal youth!

Your Health Coach recommends five chewing tips:

  1. Use smaller forks, spoons and plates to eat.
  2. Try to taste exactly what you are eating: is it sweet, salty, etc.?
  3. Chew every bite 40 times before swallowing
  4. Experience the smell of your food: does it remind you of anything?
  5. Try to be aware of the food you are eating; try to taste all the ingredients in your food.

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