I feel like my vital self again!

Why did you start the “Deep Health Transformation” and working with me, what was the problem?

After the split from my Ex-Husband I landed in a personal crisis where I felt like I wasn’t able to live up to the version of myself that I wanted to be. Therefore I wasn’t able to reach my health and fitness goals. I felt insecure and overwhelmed.

I startet the Deep Health Transformation, because I realized I needed help to tackle this problem. After a log time again I want to focus on myself again and outgrow my old self and develop to feel vital and take control of various areas of my life again. 

What is/was your biggest obstacle to overcoming this problem?:

My biggest obstacle to overcome was that I couldn’t connect to myself anymore, because of old stubborn beliefs and fears that came up during the separation. I asked myself how I could move past these fears and overcome them.

How did you experience the Deep Health Program (1:1 coaching, group coaching, retreats, masterclasses, provide self study knowledge) until now?:

I´ve learned a lot so far, especially through the different approaches. But I am glad, that I am able to use the next 12 months to learn even more and about myself to reach sustainable vitality and create the life that I want. The different approaches and points of view, the great group sessions, the retreats and Sabine were great! 

What did you learn during the program that will help you overcome this obstacle?:

I learned how to reconnect with myself, that I need to develop my self care skills and that I can take small steps that will make the bigger change in the long run.

What has the Deep Health Program taught you, what will help succeeding now?:

I know now, that the growing conviction that I can feel strong to change something myself and turn my self care pyramid around and get stable, can and will let go so that I can live out my true self.

What is different after the your first months in the Deep Health Program?:

I am different. I feel progress. I for sure changed and especially my perspective has shifted already.

Why is that important to you?:

Because I don’t want to stagnate anymore, I want to move forward.

What are you particularly grateful to me for?:

I am so grateful to you for the deep trust you give me and your constant availability when I need help!

Can / Would you like to recommend the Deep Health Program?:

I would absolutely recommend the Program!

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