I now know what makes me feel good and happy!

Why did you start the “Deep Health Transformation” and working with me, what was the problem?
I startet the Deep Health Transformation, because I noticed that I was feeling like I was constantly in a rat race, I made a big career change in my life and wanted to get to know myself again. I did not take the time to focus on my health and my self-care. So, after a long time I want to focus on myself again and outgrow my old self, explore my new self and develop healthy habits. Because I knew I needed help to tackle this problem, I asked Sabine if she could help me and I am so glad I did so!

What is/was your biggest obstacle to overcoming this problem?:
The biggest obstacles to overcome this problem were feeling trapped in a hectic dependent lifestyle, the stories and beliefs that I told myself and to actually start working on myself again.

How did you experience the Deep Health Program (1:1 coaching, group coaching, retreats, masterclasses, provide self study knowledge) until now?:
I like the overall very structured program that keeps me accountable and which gives me also al lot of space for organic growth! The group coaching sessions have been a big source of inspiration, support and encouragement. Hearing the perspective and tips shared by others and being aware of their personal journeys has given me the ideas and confidence that I, too, can make positive changes for myself.

What did you learn during the program that will help you overcome this obstacle?:
I learned that I always have a choice.

What has the Deep Health Program taught you, what will help succeeding now?:
The Deep Health Program has taugt me, that I am in charge for my own life and my behavior. I am the only one that can change and turn my life around to achieve my full potential.

What is different after the your first months in the Deep Health Program?
Of course this brings a lot to the surface. It is not always easy to cope well with these things, but already after the first month I felt more relaxed. I feel progress and I like to take responsibility to make decisions that make me feel good and happy.

Why is that important to you?:
This is important to me, because I already feel that I am growing towards my ideal life and that healthier and more focused life makes me feel more in control and live forward!

What are you particularly grateful to me for?:
Sabine has helped me so much with my transformation process. She transfers a lot of knowledge, in a personalized way, listened with a big heart and is always available for us.

Can / Would you like to recommend the Deep Health Program?:
Of course I would recommend the Program!

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