Go Nuts and Lose Weight

For a long time, nuts have been condemned as too fat and have not been recommended for consumption. But recently, increasing numbers of researchers in many countries have found positive effects of all kinds of nuts on the typical signs of heart and circulatory diseases. Nuts have been proven to reduce – through their polyunsaturated fatty acids – our blood cholesterol levels, to stabilize the sugar level, to support our vessels, and to reduce the risk of stomach and prostate cancer as well as the risk of heart infarction. Due to their high fat content, the effect of the consumption of nuts (max. 30 grams a day) on the energy balance should always be observed. Even if they look like calorie bombs at first, it should not detain you from eating them!

Your Health Coach recommends five premium varieties of nuts as an unsalted snack or supplement:

  • Coconut: coconut rasps can be sprinkled on your over-night oats and are a perfect accompaniment to white fish fried in MCT oil.
  • Walnuts: walnuts taste great with pieces of apple.
  • Cashews: cashew nuts are the perfect garnish for any curry.
  • Almonds: toasted almonds are delicious and a true miracle food! Roast them in a pan with turmeric for 3 minutes.
  • Brazilian nuts: as if rocket salad and beetroots were not healthy enough already, add Brazilian nuts for a satisfying, brain-boosting salad.

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